Petco Park opened in 2004. Before this weekend, the Rockies and Padres had played 162 games against each other since then, one full season's worth of games. Eighty-three were in Colorado and 79 were in San Diego. Same pitchers, same hitters, same managers, same everything; just different parks. So how differently do Petco and Coors play? 

  • In the 83 games in Colorado, the two teams produced a composite line of .293/.382/.467. 
  • In the 79 games in San Diego, the two teams produced a composite line of .239/.311/.353. 

And the obligatory putting-this-in-perspective comparison: 

The two teams had scored 8.0 runs per game in San Diego, and 11.3 in Colorado, before this weekend. This weekend, the two teams scored nearly 14 runs per game, and produced a .304/.365/.493 combined batting line. The games were, of course, in San Diego.