The Incomparable Elly De La Cruz

Jarrett Seidler
What will Elly De La Cruz become? It’s hard to know, since you can’t really comp him to anyone.
Guarding The Lines

MLB’s Official Baseball Rules, Annotated: Objectives of the Game (Part 1)

Andrew Leahey
Introducing a series to bridge the gap between what the rules say and what they mean.
MLB’s Official Baseball Rules Annotated

Fantasy Freestyle: Post-Deadline Playing Time Questions

Darius Austin
Breaking down the knock-on effects of deadline acquisitions in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Boston.
Fantasy Freestyle

Braxton Garrett, Now Interesting

Michael Ajeto
Braxton Garrett’s improved in 2022, and there’s reason to believe the change is legitimate.
Climbing the Ladder

Box Score Banter: How to Mess Up Greatness

Patrick Dubuque
Not all home run robberies can be great; not all contracts end on a high note.
Box Score Banter 2022

Free Agent Watch: Week 18

Elijah Ackerman
Is it finally Mitch Keller SZN?
Free Agent Watch

What They’re Saying: Atlanta Braves Edition

Howard Megdal
Notes on Spencer Strider, Ian Anderson, Jake Odorizzi, and other Atlanta players being discussed by team members and coaches.
What They’re Saying

Los jugadores que mejor encajan en sus nuevos equipos tras los intercambios

Robert Orr
Un vistazo a los mejores encajes entre los jugadores intercambiados antes del límite.
En Español
BP Espanol

MLU: Elly on Fire, a Masterpiece by Painter

John Trupin
Plus more of the best and most notable performances from around the minor leagues this weekend.
Minor League Update

Expert FAAB Review: Week 18

Mike Gianella
Bubba Thompson’s speed–and willingness to use it–could make him a difference maker over the last two months of the season. If he hits enough.
Expert FAAB Review

Box Score Banter: Meet the Mets; Who’s Your Daddy, Padres?

Craig Goldstein
The Mets are the best team in New York. If you have a problem with that statement, contact @cdgoldstein on twitter.
Box Score Banter 2022

Understanding the Padres’ Business Model

Rob Mains
Why it makes sense for a team in one of MLB’s smaller media markets to go all-in.
Veteran Presence
Depth Charts