The Seam-Shifted Wake Effect Is Critical

Robert Arthur
Analysis shows that higher SSW pitches are more successful.

Pitchers Primed for a Comeback in 2021

Gerald Schifman
Explaining why DRA forecasts a return to form in 2021 for a number of pitchers who struggled in the short season.
Expanding The Zone

Season Preview: Philadelphia Phillies

Justin Klugh
Even if the offseason’s biggest addition was in the front office, it’s good to know the Phillies are still going for it.
Playing the Percentiles

PECOTA Hates Your Team: Philadelphia Phillies

Patrick Dubuque
Hope is here for Philadelphia baseball fans. If you’re not feeling it, it’s probably just the Phillies of it all.
PECOTA Hates Your Team

Get To Know These NL Outfield Prospects for 2021

Mark Barry
Come for the dynasty content, stay for what Mark calls “perhaps the dopest name in baseball.”
Get to Know

The MLBPA Cannot Support Veterans at Young Players’ Expense

Marc Normandin
A reminder that MLB has successfully defeated the union in the recent and distant past when it manages to create a split between its older and newer players.
Prospectus Feature

MLB’s Closest Relatives: American Sports Leagues Or European Soccer?

Daniel Epstein
Comparing MLB’s uncapped salary structure to the behavior or capped leagues is headache-inducing.

Outfielders for Rebuilding Dynasty Owners to Target

J.P. Breen
Dynasty owners don’t want to hear anything about the Rockies, but just hear me out for a second.
Rebuilding a Dynasty

Dominic Smith vale la apuesta

Howard Megdal
Los Mets parecen pensar que quien debería ser su primera base será capaz de jugar en el jardín izquierdo.
En Español
BP Espanol

Top-120 Dynasty Outfielders for 2021 (Part 1)

Jesse Roche and Bret Sayre
Here’s where you’ll find the dynasty superstars.
Dynasty Rankings

Too Far From Town: Kane County Cougars

Davy Andrews, Daniel R. Epstein, Renee Andrews, and Roger Cormier
The Kane County Cougars are one of the 43 minor league teams that lost their major league baseball affiliation. This is part of their story.
Too Far From Town

PECOTA Hates Your Team: Pittsburgh Pirates

Ben Carsley
The Pirates don’t try with their team, but we still put effort into their previews.
PECOTA Hates Your Team
Depth Charts