Welcome to the new Baseball Prospectus Leaderboards

Welcome to the new Baseball Prospectus Leaderboards. On your right you will find links to our individual leaderboards for hitting, pitching, and catching. Within each new leaderboard you will find various filters that will help you refine your queries, including: Season, Level, League, Team, Minimum Plate Appearance, Age, and Position.

As this is just the first phase of our new leaderboards, keep in mind that additional filters and statistics are coming, as we work towards fully replacing the sortables that were available on our legacy site. We’re extremely excited to be able to bring you this data, and look forward to your feedback as we continue to build them out.

We’ve provided a walkthrough using the hitting leaderboard as an example, to help you adjust to our new format.

Please note that the mobile experience for these new leaderboards is very much still under construction, and we are working to sort that out as quickly as possible.

If you run into any issues, please email cs@baseballprospectus.com for assistance.