Hello BP Readers!

We’re extremely excited to announce the launch of our new leaderboards for hitters, pitchers, and catchers. These leaderboards will replace the beta leaderboards that have been in place the last couple seasons, and they will continue to evolve in functionality and design from the state you see currently.

About what you will see currently, though, let’s start with hitters:

This is the default leaderboard you will see when you go to the hitting leaderboard. As you’ll note, there is a shaded bubble on the right-hand side indicating that the table contains more stats and is scrollable to the right. When you scroll the Name, Age, and Team columns will move with you.

In the future, these leaderboards will be tabbed out in various groupings and the landing page will likely not be as wide. Additionally, they will soon be customizable for our subscribers so that they can see their preferred stats as a landing page.

You’ll also notice the filters sitting above the leaderboard itself. As with other leaderboards you’re accustomed to using, this will help you manipulate the data below. The filters are:

Season Filter

This lets you select which season you’re viewing on the leaderboard either by typing the season in or using the button to move between years:

The current iteration of the leaderboards does not include multi-year functionality but that will be available in a future update.

Level Filter

The default level is set to MLB. You have the option to select various levels of play by using the radio buttons. In an update, these will change to check boxes, allowing you to select multiple levels across which to query.

Clicking “save” will update the leaderboard. If the data is not available at a particular level, you will see an error message like the one below:

League Filter

Within level, different leagues will be available. For the level “MLB” the leagues would be AL, NL, or All. For minor leagues, it will look a bit different:

“All” is the default filter set for each league, but you can uncheck boxes and click “save” to adjust your query.

Team Filter

As with the league filter, within Level and League, the Team Filter allows you to select one or multiple teams:

Minimum Plate Appearance Filter

If you’d like to change the minimum number of plate appearances for hitters to appear on the leaderboard, you can do so my moving the radio button or entering the number you prefer:

Player’s Age Filter

This will allow you to sort by age ranges and limits.

It should be noted that “Age” is determined by seasonal age as defined by a player’s age as of July 1.

Position Filter

As with other filters, the positional filter will allow you to sort by a given position or positions if you select multiple options:


Pitcher leaderboards have much the same capabilities, though rather than sort by minimum plate appearance, the category is minimum innings pitched. Likewise, catcher leaderboards use minimum pitches (received) as the filter for that type of query.  All filters across all leaderboards require you to select “save” after changing a value for it to take effect.

All leaderboards automatically load the top 20 players for a given query or sort, but additional players can be viewed by selecting “Load More.” In the future, users will have the option to change the default number of players loaded.

Please also note that the mobile version of our new leaderboards is very much under construction, so the experience is still a bit wonky. We are working to sort that out as quickly as possible. Please also note that you may need a hard refresh (ctl+shift+r) when navigating to the new leaderboards.


We truly hope that you enjoy these new leaderboards, which give you deeper access to our abundant data. As noted at the top of this post, there is plenty more still to come in terms of filling these out so they reflect the sortables that were available in our prior vintage, but that work is already under way.

Next up…new player cards!! More on that soon.

Thank you for reading

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Thank you for this update. Does the roadmap include implementing the Team Tracker feature to the Leaderboards? Being able to save small subsets of players to search stats on is a helpful feature.
Craig Goldstein
That functionality is on the roadmap, yes.
Thanks Craig. Love the stats functionality at BP - appreciate all the hard work.
Craig Goldstein
All credit to our stats team. They put a ton of work into this, and continue to do so.
Jeffrey Holliday
Will FRAA for pre 1950 seasons (retrosheet era) be added at some point?
NY Expat
Very happy to see the BP and MLB IDs in the CSV Download (which is *not* present in The Ax downloads, *cough, cough*).

Can we please get Games Played by position as categories we can add, like we used to with the pre-2020 system? Very much needed for my fantasy league.

Barring that, can we get back the playerID list to allow us to cross-reference with other sites (BBRef and Fangraphs, in particular)?
Customer Service
4/05 is happy to help you.