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Did someone say ban the shift?

Cold Takes: Introducing The Dubuque Plan

by Patrick Dubuque

Keeping the baby, throwing out (with maximum speed and efficiency) the bathwater. > >

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Baseball Therapy: If I Had A Million Dollars

by Russell A. Carleton

What's the best way to spend money, given what we know right this minute? . . . more | 1 unread comment

Rubbing Mud: Should Probably Trade Cespedes

by Matthew Trueblood

The Mets, on the brink of being out of it, have the most attractive player on the August trade market, and a reasonable path to trading him. . . . more | 5 unread comments

What You Need to Know: Homer Story

by Daniel Rathman

The Dodgers hit a bunch of homers off a guy named Bailey, and more from Monday's action. . . . more | 5 unread comments

Premium Article Notes from the Field: August 23, 2016

by BP Prospect Staff

Notes on first-rounders Hudson Potts, Taylor Ward, and others. . . . more | 3 unread comments

Premium Article The Call-Up: Robert Gsellman

by Jeffrey Paternostro and Mike Gianella

Robert Gs... Gsell...Gonna pitch out the bullpen so it doesn't really matter. . . . more | 1 unread comment

Fantasy Article The Buyer's Guide: Keon Broxton

by J.P. Breen

The Brewers outfielder has a 1.132 OPS since the All-Star break, but how much of that surge can he sustain? . . . more | 1 unread comment

Fantasy Article Closer Report: Week 21

by Matt Collins

Surveying the ninth-inning situations around the league. . . . more | 0 comments

Premium Article Minor League Update: Games of Monday, August 22nd

by Mark Anderson

Notes on prospects who stood out yesterday, including Jose De Leon, Lucas Erceg, Jesus Sanchez, and Tyler Wells. . . . more | 1 unread comment

Expert FAAB Review: Week 21

by Mike Gianella

A look at how the wise guys spent their money in expert leagues this week. . . . more | 0 comments

Monday, August 22

Prospectus Feature: Something Not Worth Forfeiting

by Henry Druschel

Despite the obvious strategic benefits, teams never tactically surrender. Why that should give you faith in the game. . . . more | 8 unread comments

Premium Article Monday Morning Ten Pack: August 22, 2016

by BP Prospect Staff

Notes on Yadier Alvarez, Ruddy Giron, Bryan Reynolds, and more. . . . more | 0 comments

Premium Article Soft Toss: Scouting a Series: Hillsboro vs. Everett

by Brendan Gawlowski

How many future MLBers would you guess are in a short-season series? . . . more | 2 unread comments

What You Need to Know: Flaherty, Floperty

by Ashley Varela

Ryan Flaherty masquerades as a major league pitcher, Felix Hernandez stages a comeback, and more from the weekend. . . . more | 2 unread comments

BP Kansas City: These Royals Look Familiar

by Craig Brown

Hey look, the Royals are back from the dead and making another late-season run. . . . more | 0 comments

Fantasy Article Deep League Report: Week 21

by Scooter Hotz

Examining players who might pique your interest in deeper formats. . . . more | 1 unread comment

Premium Article Minor League Update: Games of August 19-21

by Christopher Crawford

Notes on prospects who stood out over the weekend, including Alec Hansen, Mike Soroka, Josh Hader, and Jaycob Brugman. . . . more | 4 unread comments

Sunday, August 21

Deep, But Playable: The Pirates Played for 2017

by Craig Goldstein

Shortly after the Pirates sold at the trade deadline, they got hot. Regrets? . . . more | 8 unread comments

BP Toronto: Troy Tulowitzki 2.0: Still A Superstar

by Jenn Smith

The Blue Jays shortstop has been unmuddling his stats for the past three months. . . . more | 0 comments

Saturday, August 20

Raising Aces: There's A New Sheriff In Taillon

by Doug Thorburn

The long-awaited prospect is showing his mettle, as the Pirates push back into the NL Wild Card race. . . . more | 1 unread comment

BP Boston: This Might Be The Real Rick Porcello

by Matt Collins

A year after the Red Sox could have (and probably did) pass him through waivers, Rick Porcello is putting himself on Cy Young ballots. . . . more | 0 comments

BP Mets: Daniel Murphy, Neil Walker and Self-Scouting

by Jarrett Seidler

Not unlike Daniel Murphy, Neil Walker has made offensive gains in his walk year with the Mets. The Mets have another decision to make. . . . more | 0 comments

Friday, August 19

Rubbing Mud: These Post-Lucroy Indians

by Matthew Trueblood

Cleveland's post-deadline swoon highlights their missed opportunity. . . . more | 2 unread comments

Prospectus Feature: Baseball's Predictable 2,430

by Trevor Strunk

You can't predict baseball, Suzyn, yet baseball's allure is its fundamental predictability. . . . more | 3 unread comments

What You Need to Know: DeGrim

by Nicolas Stellini

The Mets lose a big one, Kris Bryant refuses to stop at third, the Red Sox bullpen is worse than the Tigers', and more from Thursday's action. . . . more | 0 comments

Prospect Profile: Magneuris Sierra

by Ryan Davis

Magneuris Sierra got the call every prospect dreads last year. The last year has been about attitude, adjustments, and reclaiming his path to the majors. . . . more | 2 unread comments

The Prospectus Hit List: Friday, August 19

by Matthew Kory

This is the hottest, freshest Hit List on the market--but it won't be for long. . . . more | 1 unread comment

Premium Article Weekly Wrap: August 19, 2016

by Will Haines

News and notes from around the minor leagues. . . . more | 3 unread comments

Fantasy Article Free Agent Watch: Week 21

by George Bissell and J.J. Jansons

If these players are available in your league, you might want to grab them off the wire. . . . more | 10 unread comments

Fantasy Article TTO Scoresheet Podcast: Episode 91

by Ian Lefkowitz, Ben Murphy and Jared Weiss

The Outcomes answer myriad reader questions, talk last-minute Scoresheet deals, and much more. . . . more | 0 comments