Among the many things we're proud of about Baseball Prospectus 2014—the incredible group of writers, from both inside and outside of our organization; the tremendous writing that this incredible group turned in; the lineout for Matthew Duffy—is that it's out already. We know your drafts start early and we know that it takes a lot of time to read every word, so speed in delivery to you is crucial. Some years it arrives on your doorstep in late February, so to be a full month ahead of that is really something we're pleased with.

One funny thing about having the book on doorsteps on January 23rd, three weeks before the scheduled release date, is that it arrived before the Kindle version was even ready. Framed one way, this is probably annoying to some of you Kindlers. You don't want to wait! We understand. But we want to reassure everybody that the Kindle version is actually right on schedule; it should be out soon, and we are hearing promising status updates from the publisher. In fact, I can say with almost total confidence that you will have the Kindle version far earlier than it was originally scheduled. It is ahead of schedule. It's just not as ahead of schedule as the physical book turned out to be.

So, here's your task for the day: If you're a physical-book reader, a person who likes to line pretty things up on bookshelves, go buy the book. It's out. It's being read. It's having nice things said about it. It's $1 less today than it was yesterday, for some reason. Once you get it, and once you read it, go find one of the many talented writers whose name is in the book and compliment him or her on the great job he or she did.

If you're a Kindle reader—or iTunes, Nook, or other non-Kindle format for which we've traditionally released the book—then keep checking on Amazon or at your ebook vendor of choice. "Soon," we're told. Soon is relative, and soon is vague, but soon is good. It'll be soon.