The second of the deluge of new podcasts here at Baseball Prospectus Fantasy, There is No Off-Season is quite different than its sister podcast, Flags Fly Forever. In this space, we will discuss all things dynasty and long-term keeper related, and nothing but. We will focus on both the major and minor league sides of things, but all within the spectrum of long-term value. You'll learn a lot, at least when we're not spouting off inside jokes and berating Craig–and even maybe then too. Oh, and remember to rate and review us on iTunes.

This week's topics:

Hello! (0:00-2:10)
Listener E-mails! (2:11-33:40)
Tanaka Fantasy Hot Takes & Grady Sizemore? (33:41-41:00)
Breaking Down First Base in Dynasty Leagues (41:01-1:10:04)
There Is No Ending! (1:10:05-1:12:17)

And everything you need to listen and enjoy is below this line that I'm typing right now:

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A sequel to Her called Them: a lost twenty-something falls four a foursome of analytical baseball writers through a new technology called "Podcasts". When he's spurned his life unravels; he loses his job and turns to a life of drugs, alcohol and... the National Football League.
Can you guys make a quick mention the team and position of the minor leaguers that you are talking about? I'm in a 12 team NL only league and have a pretty good idea of who most of the NLers are, but I was pretty lost in TINO-1 talking about all of the new signees.
This is a point well taken, and I'll try to make sure I do a better job of laying out this info when we're talking about no-Top 100 names. Thank you for the feedback!