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Thanks for this look at Boston, one of the teams in the World Series. However, the last I looked, the Series requires that two teams play. Would it be asking too much to have a similar interview of someone who knows a little about that other team, whoever they are? Dayn Perry might be available.
We talked about both teams.
I'll allow you that. We did talk about Boston more than St. Louis. But I don't think it was for any lack of knowledge about St. Louis or any lack of respect for the team that you're sarcastically not naming. I just feel like Boston has more questions going into the series. We talked some about Shelby Miller, but with Craig likely to be back (confirmed as a definite today), there weren't a lot more questions with the Cardinals. If one team has a few more issues that can be bantered about, I really think that's OK and not a sign of disrespect. We may have missed something for one team - in fact I'm sure we did for both teams - but it wasn't intentionally disrespectful. I'll be writing plenty about both teams during the series.