What makes Aroldis Chapman factoids powerful is that each one is two factoids at once. They are about Chapman's superiority over the rest of his peers. And they are about the changing sport of baseball. Many factoids accomplish one of these things, but Chapman's factoids come from both directions and erupt all over you. Not so much like a garbage bag full of Nickelodeon slime, but more like, if you follow the analogy, two garbage bags full of Nickelodeon slime. 

Here's is an Aroldis Chapman factoid. This is a chart representing all of baseball's teams in 1945. 

Chapman has faced 216 batters. He struck out 31 batters in July, and he's got an outside shot of moving to the top of this list by the end of the year.

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Only 2 of those teams relievers struck out more batters than they walked. Basically every team's bullpen was 2012 Derek Lowe. Oh, the Yankees just picked up Derek Lowe? You don't say.
(thanks for making it archetypal and not archetypical)
Good lord.
This was the end of WWII, no? That could explain the ragarms hanging around baseball fields. #context
I dont understand. t one point Chapman had SO more batters than he allowed OB which has only been done 2x in history and by 2 SP...Pedro and...Tall, lanky...funny commercials...

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