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I'll leave this here...
"Zach Greinke looks so so good" DAMMIT!
Listening to the discussion about trade vetoes and it reminds me of my keeper league. I've made a vow to never vote on any trades from here on out because I just don't want to have the "you're being stupid" conversation with another owner. Prior to last season I went into seller's mode and moved Cliff Lee, Curtis Granderson, Hanley Ramirez, Mariano Rivera, and a few others. I got Neil Walker and Mike Trout for Lee. I can see how, looking back, someone might have had a problem with that prior to knowing what Trout was going to do. If that trade had been vetoed I would have totally lost my shit watching Trout explode onto the scene. You have to have faith in the other owners or else just get out of the league. If one team is owned by a moron then so be it. He/she has a right to be stupid.