“I don’t think I’ve ever had an opening day with snow. It was fun.”

Shane Andrews, Cubs infielder

“A guy hits three homers to initiate the park. I don’t think I’ve ever
seen that. That’s a lot of home runs in one day. Maybe we ought to look
for somebody that’s been out of the game.”

Dusty Baker, Giants manager, on Kevin Elster‘s three
home runs to open Pac Bell Park

“I tell you, it was great. All the fans were freezing, and they were out
there. We said, `If they can be out there, we can be out there, too.’ ”

Greg Jefferies, Tigers outfielder, on opening Comerica Park

“We’re opening dayed out.”

Richie Sexson, Indians outfielder, after playing in three home


“We don’t feel like we’re in a slump. Our time is going to come. Just like
they say, it’s the darkest before the dawn.”

Dusty Baker, Giants manager

“Don’t be misled by what this team did the first week. This team will win
a lot of games.”

Phil Garner, Tigers manager

“We had an opportunity to make a statement and we didn’t. It’s a good
indication of where we are and where we have to be. Not performing well
here tells me we have a lot of work to do.”

Tony Muser, Royals manager, on being swept by the Yankees

“We were playing Mission Impossible out there. We self-destructed.”

Art Howe, A’s manager

“It wasn’t a game. It was a terrible event.”

Tom Kelly, Twins manager, on losing 13-4 to the Red Sox


“The brawl was nothing fun, especially with people like the jerk behind
me. We’ll take care of [him] in our own way.”

Keith Foulke, White Sox pitcher

“It was a good one. It was what you’d expect from two competing ballclubs
who were protecting their territories. You wish it doesn’t happen but it

Jerry Crawford, umpire

“Bottom line is, we won the game and we killed them. I hope they have
enough guys so we can beat them again.”

Jim Parque, White Sox pitcher

“This was a good loss for the Detroit Tigers. Guys went to battle for each
other. This is what brings teams together. We’re not a split clubhouse
anymore, I can tell you that.”

Doug Brocail, Tigers pitcher


“We call it Home Run Field, not Enron Field. Last year, we couldn’t wait
to get home. This year, we don’t want to come home. It’s scary.”

Jose Lima, Astros pitcher, on Enron Field

“If the average ERA at Coors Field for a starting pitcher is over 6.50
and you don’t know that, it’s unfair to the pitchers that you have because
the guy who’s got a 6.00 ERA at Coors Field is a darn good pitcher. The
guy who’s got a 6.50 ERA is still a darn good pitcher. But if you’re
measuring him against the rest of the league and the starters’ ERA is
maybe 4.00 or 4.50, that’s a totally unfair measurement of your own staff.”

Dan O’Dowd, Rockies GM

“Don’t give me all that sabermetric crap…. It gives me a headache.”

Brian Sabean, Giants GM

“Who knows? There are so many theories: The ball is juiced, the mound’s not
high enough, the batters are juiced, the pitchers are juiced. I’ve hit about
the same amount of home runs I usually do, so if they’re juiced, they’re full
of prune juice for me.”

Mark Grace, Cubs infielder

“It was a phenomenal experience, one I’m really glad is over.”

Cal Ripken Jr., Orioles infielder, on getting his 3,000th hit

“Pitching doesn’t change. I heard so much about how different the American
League is. But pitching is pitching.”

Kent Bottenfield, Angels pitcher

“That’s not the first time he’s thrown at this team. Larry Walker got hit by
him four times last year. He’s thrown at me a lot of times. Going in we know
he likes to work fast, and we’re trying to slow up his rhythm. He doesn’t like
that. I know that’s why he throws at me.”

Jeff Cirillo, Rockies infielder, on pitcher Omar Daal

“Everybody says we’re not that good. I think we’re real good.”

Brad Penny, Marlins pitcher

“Last year was just one of those years. Some people wanted to talk about age
or say I was in decline, but I never bought into it…. I felt good in spring
training and this is just a continuation of that.”

Tom Glavine, Braves pitcher

“There’s been a lot of instances over the last three or four months when the
media has been completely oblivious of my privacy and my family’s privacy.
They’ve overstepped their bounds in a lot of areas. It’s time for a little

John Rocker, Braves pitcher, on refusing to talk to the media

“It used to be that you couldn’t compete well without a ballpark. In the year
2000, you can’t even afford to go to arbitration in the situation we’re in,
much less try to build a competitive team or look for free agents.”

John Henry, Marlins owner

“It was one of the greatest thrills I’ve ever had in my life. I’ve spent a
number of years in the minor leagues — eight, to be exact — just trying to
get this opportunity, and it came through for me tonight.”

Everett Stull, Brewers pitcher, on his first major league win

“I hope I can see them. You’ve got to see your opponent in order to beat
them. I’ll throw them that stealth pitch.”

Brian Anderson, Diamondbacks pitcher, on the Padres’ camouflage

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