“You hit one home run in the big leagues, it doesn’t make you a home-run
hitter. To make one comment like this doesn’t make you a racist.”

John Rocker, Braves pitcher

“He has no relationships with the black guys or the Latin guys on the team.
He’s lying to try and cover himself.”

Randall Simon, Braves infielder

“He spoke bad of everybody except for white people, and that’s not right. I
know this is a free country, but immigrants should be respected.”

Rey Ordonez, Mets infielder

“I think he was off his rocker when he said those things. I don’t think we
ought to hold it against him forever. He didn’t commit a crime.”

Ted Turner, Braves owner

“I’m glad he’s not our problem.”

Brian Cashman, Yankees GM


“I am excited about the long-term commitment that we have made to Mark
[Grudzielanek] and that he has made to the Dodgers. His attitude,
competitiveness, dedication to the team and winning were major factors in
our decision.”

Kevin Malone, Dodgers GM

“I’m convinced that we have [an owner] now who is serious about making the
ballclub a family. That’s what made the decision easy.”

Dustin Hermanson, pitcher, on signing a three-year contract with
the Expos

“I feel very happy about this. I’m happy about the security it gives me and
my family. They are very excited about it as well. I’m going to work hard to
prove that it is a good deal and help the team make the playoffs.”

Bob Abreu, outfielder, on singing a three-year contract with the

“Ever since I was in Minneapolis, I was looking forward to getting to a
team that had a legitimate chance to win the World Series. This is a big
change from Minneapolis, where I was losing a lot of games. I want to be
a part of a winning team.”

Marty Cordova, outfielder, on signing a minor league contract with
the Red Sox

“Deion [Sanders] hasn’t played baseball in two years. We don’t know where
his baseball skills are, but in spring training we want to give him the
opportunity to compete for a roster spot.”

Jim Bowden, Reds GM

“It’s mind-boggling for me to be making close to $5 million. I’ve never
been in the game for the money. I’m glad at where I’m at now. My goal is to
stay healthy for next season and get us back to the playoffs.”

Rick Reed, pitcher, on re-signing with the Mets


“This is the ninth time I’ve been in the voting, and every year is the same.
I’m not getting too anxious. You get used to waiting after waiting so many

Tony Perez, former player, before

“It’s sweet now, when I’m in. It doesn’t matter how long I had to wait. The
first thing I thought of was calling my mother in Cuba. The family was there,
too. They started jumping around. My mother was crying.”

Tony Perez, after

“[Johnny] Bench probably had the most raw baseball ability of any of us.
Pete [Rose] obviously had the most determination to make himself the player
he was. Perez was the unsung hero.”

Joe Morgan, former player

“I’ll be happy and proud to be standing up there in July at the same podium
as he is.”

Carlton Fisk, former player, on fellow inductee Tony Perez

“I think I’ve known for a long time. It’s not like a light bulb came on or
I had a vision. I think this has always been a part of me.”

Carlton Fisk, on deciding to wear a Red Sox cap in the Hall

“He played hard and he played hurt. He demanded much of himself, from
his teammates and his opponents.”

Jerry Reinsdorf, White Sox owner, on Carlton Fisk

“I think finishing 12th is ridiculous. Including the two guys who went in
this year, pull up their numbers and their individual achievements and
compare them to mine and tell me who looks like a Hall of Famer. I stick
out like a sore thumb. And I finished 12th? It’s actually an insult. To
do all the things I’ve done and to be snubbed like that — that’s how I
look at it, as a snub. But it doesn’t matter. I can walk around my house
and see every award in baseball.”

Dave Parker, former player


“I understand people are going to criticize me when things aren’t going
well. I don’t read the newspapers, I don’t watch the news. The only thing I
look at is the crossword puzzle. I don’t need to read about the games; I
was there.”

Shawn Green, Dodgers outfielder

“Any time you trade away marquee players for guys who may not be as well
known, it’s tough for the fans to swallow. But we definitely have a plan
here. I think it’s going to take time when you make this many changes. But
maybe change can create a better environment. I trust that Buddy [Bell] and
his staff can create that.”

Dan O’Dowd, Rockies GM

“He seemed a little dense, but you know, that’s not unusual with some

Joel Armstrong, principal, on Christopher Michael Camp,
who pretended to be a Florida Marlin at a school assembly

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