Today we are proud and excited to launch BP En Español, our first Spanish-language content at Baseball Prospectus.

We will regularly post a full translation of an article here, giving Spanish-speaking fans an opportunity to enjoy some of the writing and analysis we do every day. We believe that we'll be reaching an underserved population of analytically-oriented baseball fans by providing Spanish sabermetric content.

Please let us know what you think; we want this to be a valuable resource for you.

(Our first translated article is "The Call-Up: Francisco Mejia.")


Hoy nos complacemos en lanzar BP En Español, nuestro primer contenido en español para Baseball Prospectus.

Con mucha frecuencia, estaremos publicando traducciones de nuestros artículos aquí, dándole la oportunidad de disfrutar algunos de los artículos y análisis que hacemos de manera diaria a nuestros fans hispanohablantes. Esperamos que al introducir contenido sabermétrico en español, construiremos lazos con una comunidad de béisbol orientada a la analítica que no ha recibido el trato merecido.

Por favor, envíenos sus comentarios; queremos que esto sea un recurso valioso para ustedes.

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This non-reader of Spanish thinks it's a great idea!
Fabuloso! I imagine this may not take off quickly, but I hope that won't discourage you from continuing -- I'll definitely be reading.
Thanks to both of you, reznick and achase. We're really excited about this.
I live in Spain - native English speaker with marginal Spanish language capability. I'll probably use your articles en Español to help me improve my skillz. Thanks for this!

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