0:00 – 8:40 — [Intro]

8:41 – 48:24 — [Emails: Pitch development, Footwork, Tillman, Phillies, Corbin]

48:38 – 2:14:36 — [Game of the Week: Felix Hernandez at Martin Perez]

2:14:37 – 2:16:56 — [GOTW Selection: Max Scherzer at Matt Harvey]

2:16:57 – 2:46:38 — [Homework Turn-in: Zimmermann for Doug; Wood for Paul]

2:46:46 – 2:54:36 – [Extra Credit Homework: Cespedes Family BBQ – J.Mintz Report Card]

2:54:51 – 3:11:15 — [Doug Goes to Boston, Upcoming, and Close]

x:xx:xx – x:xx:xx — [Homework Assignments: Will be posted to FB Group]


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Alex Wood GIF 1

Alex Wood GIF 2

Alex Wood “Release Points” (I’m an idiot, it’s so NOT his release point, but I definitely said it on the show before correcting myself)

Ubaldo Wood

Cespedes Family BBQ’s Jake Mintz Pitching

Music by Thrice

Opener: Stare at the Sun

Closer: The Sky is Falling

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