Ben and Sam discuss sabermetric managerial favorite Davey Johnson's impact on the Nationals, whether certain managers can make their players play better, and what the ideal relationship between a GM and manager might be.

Episode 31: "Davey Johnson, How Much Managers Matter, and the Ideal GM-Manager Relationship"

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Episode 31 Companion

​All times are approximate

01:00: Sam Miller has the door to the Fit closed tonight, on account of the crickets. Feel free to send him an email about it.

01:30: In Episode 30, Sam and Ben Lindbergh talked about Brian McCann. You can listen to it here. Vanessa Demske tweets that "McCann hits into that shift way too often."

01:45: Apparently this is a thing. Here's Freddi Gonzalez mentioning it on July 2.

05:10: Sam mentions Chris Jaffe's great book Evaluating Baseball's Managers. Jaffe ranked Johnson 25th all-time among managers.

06:00: When Ben and Sam talk about voting for Manager of the Year, it is a given they're talking about the Greg Spira Internet Baseball Awards.

10:00: Sam is being insubordinate, while Ben confirms that he works harder at Baseball Prospectus than he has anywhere else.

12:00: Ben actually wanted to talk about the Davey Johnson-Mike Rizzo working relationship. Here's Dayn Perry on their recent shouting match.

13:45: Earlier this year Ben wrote about the evolving front office/field manager relationship in baseball.

Compiled by Dave Pease

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