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“Astrologically, it just wasn’t supposed to be today.”

Ryan Dempster, Reds pitcher, after allowing nine earned runs in 3 2/3 innings against the Phillies (CBS Sportsline)

“Why are you guys making a big deal about it? Holy cow! …If me and Maddux have a bad game, we’re over the hill. Someone that’s seven years younger, that’s just a bad start, like Pedro or Barry Zito.”

Randy Johnson, Diamondbacks pitcher, on his slow start in 2003 (AP)

“I haven’t had a bad year in 10 years… Am I not entitled to have a couple of bad games? I’ve always said that. I have what, 31 more starts? How many games did I lose last year? Obviously, I’m losing more quicker than I did last year, but what’s to say that all of a sudden I can’t rattle off 10? So let’s not make more out of it than what it is.”


“I don’t turn water into wine.”


“(Bleep) him… That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.”

Derek Lowe, Red Sox pitcher, responding to Voros McCracken’s theory on a pitcher’s inability to control balls in play (Eagle Tribune)


“The 70-year old man is out there stealing bases… The guy takes Geritol, and he’s running all over.”

Doug Mientkiewicz, Twins first baseman, on catcher Tom Prince (Minneapolis Star-Tribune)

“I know how Gardy (manager Ron Gardenhire) gave him the steal sign. He sent it through their pacemakers.”

Denny Hocking, Twins infielder, on Prince


“Used to be people would just run out on the field. We always looked forward to Morganna and hoping it was your lucky night.”

Art Howe, Mets manager, on the recent rash of fans running out onto the field (AP)

“I’m a victim of the changes that they have to make… A change was needed, and I’m sure about that.”

Josias Manzanillo, Reds pitcher, on being sent down after posting a 11.17 ERA to start the year

“There’s always been this thing that you can’t pitch at Coors Field… Other pitchers come in here and pitch well here, so there is no reason why our staff can’t do well here.”

Shawn Chacon, Rockies pitcher (AP)

“One thing I’ve learned here from managing a short number of games is you take your heart out before the game, you put it in your locker and you put it back in after the game.”

Clint Hurdle, Rockies manager


“I was the first person to ask myself that… How in the world could you trade Millwood to a contender in your very own division?!”

John Schuerholz, Braves general manager, on trading Kevin Millwood for Johnny Estrada (CBS Sportsline)

“Name any team in baseball, any team, and I can tell you I talked to them… The Phillies were one team that had money. And if we’re going to have to move the contract, via a trade or non-tender or release, isn’t it reasonable to think that you should get something back?”


“To say we traded Kevin Millwood to get Johnny Estrada is absolute misinformation… That’s inaccurate, and it’s incorrect.”


“What we did was trade Kevin Millwood to the one team that would take his contract.”


“I went through my two days of whining after we traded Millwood,” he said. “It was a baseball economics decision. Baseball artistry and baseball economics don’t always go side-by-side, and while it was uncomfortable and unpleasant for me to trade a pitcher like Kevin to our No. 1 rival, they were the only team interested.”



“I don’t play this new style of baseball… I still believe in the old ways, settling scores for teams and stuff like that.”

Jeff Fassero, Cardinals reliever, after being ejected for hitting Luis Gonzalez in the ribs (AP)

“I think that’s how baseball should be played.”


“Daddy, tell the guys to keep their eyes on the ball. They’re missing the ball too much.”

Darren Baker, former Giants bat boy and son of Cubs manager Dusty Baker (

“I’m trying to work on my tan and my beach muscles, since I can’t do anything else… When I do come back, I’ll be bigger and tanner.”

Brian Giles, Pirates outfielder (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

“They’re idiots… They don’t have to stand in there and hit. I think the ad was stupid.”

Mike Lowell, Marlins third baseman, on the team’s ad campaign that suggested hitting off Greg Maddux was like batting practice (CBS Sportsline)

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