The Rays demolished the Angels in a four-game weekend sweep, which gives Ben and Sam the idea to discuss the two teams' divergent directions since the deadline and reevaluate Anaheim's offseason approach.

Effectively Wild Episode 24: "The Rays Are Rolling/Assessing the Angels' Strange Season"

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​Episode 24 Companion

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00:00: Today's intro sound is shuffling cards.  Like Wild Cards.  Like the Angels and the Rays, shuffling places in the playoff odds.  Topical!

03:50: Ben Lindbergh brings up the Los Angeles Angels' aggressiveness at the trade deadline.  Here's our coverage ($) of the Zack Grienke deal, where the Angels went all-in.

14:50: We've run down several of Jerry DiPoto's moves this offseason.  Sam Miller also mentions the Ernesto Frieri deal with the Padres; here's our analysis of that move. ($)

15:55: Sam wrote about the Angels' signing of Albert Pujols for ESPN: The Magazine–you can read his article here.

Compiled by Dave Pease