Hi everyone. We wanted Episode 100 to be a blowout, but we never imagined it would end up like this. Of course, no celebration would be complete without a visit from Mom, who shares some racy stories from the 1960s. On a baseball level, our special guest in Rick Giolito, who tells one of those great untold stories. We all hear about the kids every draft year, but what is it like to be a father of one of those kids? It's a frank, honest and fascinating discussion. The big get is Artie Lange, who tells my favorite baseball story of all time, when he went on the field as a child following a Yankees world championship. Seriously, we got Artie Lange. We even find time for a listener of the week. That wasn't planned, but then Carl got an interesting tattoo. When listening back to the show, there was one disappointment. We didn't thank the listeners enough. We've been constantly amazed by the show's popularity. We know it's not for everyone, it was never designed to be so, and the fact that so many of you listen, write us emails, let us know on Twitter touches us with each episode, and it's the reason we have no intention of stopping. Thanks everyone, truly.

Note: We do alert you to the presence of the occasional adult language and subject matter, but this time more than ever, because, you know . . . Artie Lange. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Up And In Episode 100: "I Just Realized I Know Nothing About Baseball"

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Table Of Contents

0:00 A creepy beginning
9:05 Housekeeping
10:05 Email
31:16 Special Guest: The return of my Mom
54:40 Trade deadline recap
1:13:03 KG's Midseason Top 50
1:23:46 Jason's Top 10 with bonus Mike Olt talk
1:38:35 Special Guest: Rick Giolito (@rickgiolito), on being the father of a first-round draft pick
2:34:55 Special Guest: Artie Lange (@ArtieQuitter), with tales of being a Yankee fan
2:55:12 The importance of music on the show
2:57:58 Worst celebration of What Are You Drinking possible
3:09:36 Listener of the week: Carl, the man with the '80 Want' tattoo
3:23:18 100 episodes, folks
3:29:27 The Week Ahead
3:35:00 Inspirational Words


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Knowing that you're not stopping just made my year. Thanks KG and JP.

Although your lengthy description had me worried.
Happy to see this. I had saved Episode 99 for the tail end of a nine-hour car journey yesterday, and was sad to hear it end as I reached my destination. I have a seven-hour journey ahead early next week and look forward to listening to this landmark episode then. Thanks for continuing to do it!
Fitting title to the end that hits home for me. This show taught me how little I knew (and know) about our favorite sport. I watch games, analyze prospects and front office decisions in a completely different way now and I have you both to thank for it.

Thanks for all your hard work. To say that you guys went above and beyond is an understatement. This was, without a doubt, the highlight of my baseball week for the last 100 episodes. 80 times 80 humor...80 guests....80 listeners/listeners of the week. You guys are both 80s. KG's mom is a "Billy Hamilton's speed is an 80 only because that's as high as we can go" 80.

Now that all is said and done, and we're going to all shower you guys with praises.....seriously, Jason.....what dirt do you have on Michael Keaton and Val Kilmer?

Be well.
F. I just saw the post above me that said you're not stopping. I should've listened before commenting....but my point doesn't change...
Best podcast on any topic, anywhere. Thank you both for this (usually) weekly gift.
Indeed. I didn't follow the rumors of its demise too closely, but had come to grips with not hearing it any more. Very welcome news.
Have to say that Kowloon Walled City have 80 Grade sound. Next challenge is for KG's Mom to review them
There was a brief moment when I thought that I might someday be sitting around telling some kid about the Up and In podcast and how great it was to have been there then but now, sadly, it just doesn't exist anymore. I'd look a lot like John Cusack at the end of Eight Men Out, sitting there in the bleachers, smoking angrily, a look in my eye and a stubble on my face that says "Yes, yes I do like Scotch".

And this child, whose parents did a terrible job of instructing him about staying away from people like me in the stands, would look at me and ask "So is it them Mister? Is that KG and the Professor?". And I'd have no choice but to shake my head, look off into the distance longingly, and tell him, "No kid... those guys are all gone now".

Thanks for not turning me into John Cusack. The kid thanks you too.
The Steve Albini (dunno if thats how ya spell his name) song on this podcast is killer. Takes me back to the old days of Big Black. His music hasn't changed a bit. I love it.

Artie Lang is hilarious.

Congratulations on hitting the century mark lads. Thats a ton of podcasts.