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thought it was a strange way to open the discussion of the A's as though they'd regret their offseason moves because they would lack the gio, cahill, and bailey down the stretch when i think it's clear that the returns on those trades have gone a long way in bringing them to this position. while i still question the motives and timing of the gio deal, one has to be happy with the cumulative yield of those 3 moves. and if you bring in the Cespedes acquisition as a piece of the larger picture, then the offseason that was once judged as hasty or confusing, appears to be a lot more promising.
It was an open-ended question. I think we more or less agreed to your point, by the end.
I was thinking the same thing as I was listening, if the focus was just on the Gonzalez deal it may have made more sense, as the pieces in that trade have helped to a lesser degree than what Reddick and Parker have done for the A's in the Cahill and Bailey deals.