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"It was exciting to face Big Mac, especially when
there were runners on base, because you can feel the
electricity in the stadium. I was lucky enough to get a
couple of pitches by him."

Roger Clemens, Blue Jays pitcher

"It’s disappointing when players picked to wear
the uniform aren’t deserving over other players. Bret
Boone? He was in the minors last year."

Jeff Kent, Giants infielder

"I think all the guys here — except for me — are
really deserving to be here. That’s the truth. That’s
how I feel. I couldn’t understand why I was the No. 1
outfielder, to be honest with you, with guys like [Greg]
Vaughn and [Sammy] Sosa having monster seasons."

Tony Gwynn, Padres outfielder

"I’m proud of the way [Roberto Alomar, Rafael
Palmeiro, and Cal Ripken Jr.] played in the All-Star
Game. That shows what kind of talent we have on this
team and what we might be capable of doing in the
second half."

Ray Miller, Orioles manager

"I don’t like to get booed. Nobody does. The
All-Star Game is not a place to get booed. So if the
fans want me to do it, that’s 4 million reasons why I
did it."

Ken Griffey Jr., Mariners outfielder, on
participating in the Home Run Derby

"If I had to worry about boos, I’d be dead."

Barry Bonds, Giants outfielder


"It just didn’t make sense to bring in an outsider.
[Bud Selig] is a man with 30 years of history in the
game. He knows what the problems are. He’s a great

Jerry Reinsdorf, White Sox owner

"These days, Bud [Selig] is happier than a clam.
If I asked him for a loan, I think he’d give it to me."

Donald Fehr, head of the players union

"The team of [Bud] Selig and [Paul] Beeston is the
strongest possible thing that’s happened to baseball in
25 years."

George Steinbrenner, Yankees owner

"I would be disingenuous if I would say we were in
favor of the process that got us here. But we have a
responsibility to baseball to move forward in a unified

Andy MacPhail, Cubs president

"I think people recognized the job that was being
done. There was a great turnaround in baseball, and Bud
[Selig] should get the credit. It happened on his

Fred Wilpon, Mets owner

"Pace of play has become a fetish with me."

Bud Selig, commissioner


"When baseball is played a mile in the air, all
the game’s distances are suddenly off. Instead of being
a thing of beauty, baseball suddenly becomes not only
distorted, but actually defaced and displeasing."

Thomas Boswell, columnist

"This is where it’s happened for me. If I go
somewhere else, it’s not going to be the same. It’s
baseball, but it’s something special here that I’ve
got, and I’d love to stay."

Dante Bichette, Rockies outfielder

"No one is talking about the Blake Street Bombers
right now. Pitchers don’t seem to come in here
intimidated. What I’d like to see is us get that
feeling back that we’re not out of any game until it’s

Don Baylor, Rockies manager


"You can be happy. But once you’re content with
how you’re playing, you’re never going to improve."

Derek Jeter, Yankees infielder

"I have got to find a way to slide that isn’t going
to hurt me. Maybe I cross my arms across my chest and
come in feet-first like they do on a water slide."

Quilvio Veras, Padres infielder

"If we play the way we’re capable of playing, I
think we can compete with the Cubs."

Phil Garner, Brewers manager

"You have to keep [Randy Johnson] focused and keep
him angry out there. That’s when he does his best work."

John Marzano, Mariners catcher

"I’ve made myself clear to everyone I’ve been
associated with. I’m not interested in the general
manager’s job. I’d just like to be able to do my job
and find better ways to improve player performance."

Syd Thrift, Orioles director of player development

"We have a great clubhouse. This is a good mix.
Hell, I’ve been around teams as a coach where you
couldn’t stand to walk into the clubhouse. But this
team has great chemistry. Very seldom do you find a
team you enjoy this much."

Don Zimmer, Yankees bench coach

"The first couple of years, it was: ‘Oh, he smiles
too much. He doesn’t take the game seriously.’ Now I
don’t smile because we’re losing. Now they say: ‘What’s
wrong with him?’"

Ken Griffey Jr., Mariners outfielder

"Shoot, any day you get out of bed, you kiss the
ground, see what you’ve got that day. I’ve been feeling
strong. I’m just going to show up and play my best."

Ken Caminiti, Padres infielder

"I’m considered the everyday baseball player, the
regular third baseman for the Orioles. I come to the
ballpark with the simple approach that as long as the
manager thinks I can be one of the guys that can help
us win, I’ll play."

Cal Ripken Jr., Orioles infielder

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