The Week In Quotes, May 27-June 2

by Derek Zumsteg


"If he [Ken Caminiti] wanted to address that [crap], he should have said it when he had the MVP award in his hand. 'I thank my mom; I thank the steroids that I took.' It's the timing of it. Cammy's a good dude, but it's hypocritical to come back now and start pointing your finger at guys."
Delino DeShields, Cubs infielder, on Ken Caminiti's revelations that he took steroids during his MVP season

"As far as testing, I'd be open for that. The other sports do it. I have never heard one guy openly talk about steroids. Guys don't sit around and talk shop like that. I can't even imagine [half of baseball using steroids]. I look around this clubhouse, and there's some bad bodies in here. Half these guys need to be on something."

"The article said 50 percent. Well, I'm not one of them, so that's 49 percent right there."
Rickey Henderson, Red Sox outfielder


"Let's say you go out there and hit .270 with 12 homers and 50 or 60 [runs batted in]. Then the next year, you come out and hit .320 with 45 homers. Do you really think the front office is going to say, 'Well, he's using steroids. We've got to release him.' It just doesn't happen like that."
Paul LoDuca, Dodgers catcher

"If I took steroids, I could dunk. Never mind baseball, I could play in the NBA."
Bret Boone, Mariners infielder


"We're not on a list. We have never been a candidate for contraction. We are not on a list right now. And we will not be on a list in the future."
Vince Naimoli, Devil Rays managing general partner

"You've got to volunteer, which we aren't going to do. We worked hard to bring baseball here and all of our owners are local owners."

"You saw what happened in Minnesota, and they didn't even really have a lease and the courts held it up."
–Naimoli, on the lease the Twins renewed before contraction was announced, and the Devil Rays' 30-year lease at Tropicana Field

"I believe it's a good idea. And the reason I believe it's a good idea is that there are some markets where I just don't think baseball works."
–Naimoli, on contraction in general


"This is like a transplanted Yankee Stadium. These fans are hard, loud and obnoxious, but they make it a great place to play. I get fired up pitching."
Curt Schilling, Diamondbacks pitcher, on Pac Bell Park

"I'm sure they laugh when they [the Yankees] come to Boston. People act like donkeys. Everything from having stuff thrown at you to being called every name in the book, to saying things about your mom or sister. It's entertaining, but it shows you the type of people who say those type of things. I'm not saying New Yorkers are like that, but people who say those types of things are like that."
Shea Hillenbrand, Red Sox infielder

"The intent was to have a collection of guys with a high on-base percentage and a high slugging percentage, and that would lead to a lot of runs scored."
Brian Cashman, Yankees GM, on off-season acquisitions


"Randall walked the other day, and I was shocked. You don't want him walking because his speed isn't good. You want him swinging the bat. He believes he can hit just about anything."
Merv Rettenmund, Tigers hitting coach, on infielder Randall Simon

"He has no strike zone. Tony Gwynn's plus all those years was that he never had a strike zone. With hitters like that, their plus is that if they see the ball, they'll swing."


"Our greatest financial problem is the currency, where the payments are in U.S. dollars and the income is in Canadian pesos. Either through deliberate policy or just accidental stupidity, we have in this country seen the erosion, the debasement of our currency over a period of years, that you saw earlier in history from other civilizations. "
Ted Rogers, Blue Jays owner

"I have to get Dougie [Glanville] back in there. When you have all the hitters in there, you sacrifice defense. It's nice to have offense but you're not going to score that many runs all the time. When you get it, you enjoy it."
Larry Bowa, Phillies manager

"It's exciting to be over here. It's a great group of guys and I'm happy to be in a race."
Jeremy Giambi, Phillies outfielder

"This is just my philosophy, but I think a player needs from 1,700 to 2,500 at-bats at the minor-league level before you know if he's ready."
Lloyd McClendon, Pirates manager

"When you're 100 percent, you're always a little better than when you're not,"
Jason Marquis, Braves pitcher, on his performance after being on the DL

"I had a conversation the other day with one of our managers. There are probably three or four prospects on his team. He pinch hit for one of them the other night. I had to tell [the manager], 'That's a guy you don't hit for.'"
Tim Naehring, Reds Director of Player Development, on the tradeoff between player development and winning games in the minor leagues

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