It's a light schedule Monday with just six games in the major leagues, and it's also a light pick day.

My only choice, based on the early odds, is to take another underdog shot on the Diamondbacks and Joe Saunders after they got rained out against the Rockies at Denver on Sunday. They face the Cubs and Randy Wells in a day game at Chicago and I'll go with the Diamondbacks +131 and stick them all the way down to even money.

One other possible play would be the Orioles and Jake Arrieta in their afternoon home opener over the Tigers and Rick Porcello if the line drops below -115.

Sunday was a losing day with a 2-3 record and -140 units. The winners were the Indians +114 over the White Sox and the Braves -142 over the Nationals, and the losers were the Red Sox -145 over the Rangers, the Angels -109 over the Royals and the Giants +126 over the Dodgers.

Season record: 7-8 (.467)

Net profit/loss: -184

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Not a fan of Lohse and the Cards at -165 vs Morton and the Pirates?
A little high. Morton is a wild card to me. I want to see how he pitches after a confidence-building spring instead of making him an automatic go-against.
Just spent a couple of days in Vega$ and I'm glad I didn't get a chance to read this before placing my bets... I took Atlanta over Milwaukee due to an interest in seeing what Beachy could do. The over/under on O's/Kitties was 10 -- didn't like the pitchers that much, but the hitters even less. Been hearing good things about Morton this year and have never liked Lohse (and been a Bucs fan since I was 6...). $15 wagered, $30.80 collected. Cheap fun when it works. Paris' sports book (I assume others will follow) has some interesting prop bets on the circumstances of Jeter's impending 3000th -- type of hit, count, home or away.
Don't mean this to have sounded like a 'neener neener' post. I kind of like this column series, but you seemed a little down on the day's opportunities, and I just wanted to highlight some different ways of looking at the same games.