In explaining his choice of Paul Konerko, over Kevin Youkilis, to replace the injured Justin Morneau on the All-Star roster, Joe Girardi uttered the following words: “I took the guy whose numbers are a little bit better”.

Nothing against Konerko, who is a fine player, but Girardi’s grasp of numbers in this case is tenuous at best. Yes, Konerko has hit two more home runs and has six more RBI, but that would be like choosing the girl with the slightly larger bust over the one who has an overall-better body, is prettier, and would make a better marriage partner.

To wit: Youkilis has more total bases [168 to 163], clear advantages in OBP [.408 to .382] and SLG [.579 to 560], and a better VORP [31.7 to 28.7]. He has also scored 17 more runs.

Personal taste is personal taste, but going strictly by the numbers, Girardi proposed to the wrong girl.

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Konerko may or may not have a bigger bust, but there's no way Youkalis is prettier.
I laughed my ass off
I think it's just a statement. Other ways you can go - 1. Needling the Red Sox (though it's not in his best interest to lose the game) 2. He might need a break and indicated as such (never want to say no or have Konerko hear he was the second choice) 3. He wants an opportunity to see Paulie for a couple days since he's been rumored as a possible target (and injury to Peavy could free him again)
Maybe its his way of saying to Youkalis that Ortiz took his spot....or that one shouldn't underestimate the effects of Kotsay hitting behind you........or 5 Red Sox is more than enough when the players are basically the same.
5 Red Sox more than enough is correct.
Eh, I'm not sure Girardi is completely numbers-oblivious.. as a bit of evidence, here's an excerpt about Brett Gardner in the leadoff spot from July 6th. "If Gardy could hit up there it would be great,” Girardi said. “His on-base percentage against right-handers is tremendous. He creates problems for the defense."
Seems like the easiest and most painless thing they could do to make this stupid process just a little less stupid would be to stop having the players vote in a reserve DH.
Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics - Twain