The Three True Outcomes podcast is here with our fourth episode of 2017. We take some listener questions about Jonathan Gray, crossovers (and reference JDM’s Crossover list), and defensive subs for players out of position. We also talk about the Oscars, bobbleheads and gnome figurines, and spring training.

We’re going to be doing a chat next week on Thursday, March 9th at 8 pm EST, so drop us a question early or stop in and chat with us!


Cut4’s Best and Weirdest Pictures from Photo Day

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3TO... What are your thougts (pos's / con's) on the "soft 8" keeper guidlines employed in BL- Murphy -vs- the standard 13 player protection guidlines found in standard public leagues? And, have you ever participated in a 24-team BL league which kep a hard 13, no players crossing over from AL to NL etc? Tought as hell!!! Thanks! -GW- Ps... Moncada or Torres (NYA)? And WHICH positions donyou see them settling into long term?
And, pardon the typo's above... -GW-

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