The Three True Outcomes podcast is here with our third episode of 2017. We take some listener questions about playing players out of position, potential trades and about draft prep. We spent most of the time talking about preparing for the draft and the ways that we would build player lists and the factors we would consider. We wrap with the best things we saw this week and we look forward to some upcoming pop culture events as well.

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Hi Guys, I have a question. I have Zach Britton and I need help on how to use him in my lineup. I want to make sure I don't use his innings too early, how do I set up the scoresheet lineup so he doesn't come into a tie game even if it's extra innings of a really important game? Thanks Buck
Not possible. But RP's who come in in tied games always have plenty of innings. Plus, it's a very high leverage situation. I prefer Scoresheet's reliever usage. To maximize quality innings, make him a closer with an earliest inning of 8.
You get that I was kidding, right, based on last years playo....nevermind.
Too soon. (Just kidding, it's never too soon for Orioles trolling.)
Hi guys, Haven't seen an positional articles yet and your draft list and keep list etc...any plans for this this year? They are very useful. Thanks. Dave
Hi Dave, We won't be doing these lists as extensively this year as we have in years past due to time constraints and life obligations. Check out the first podcast this year from a few weeks ago for more details and a conversation about it. The SS/SIM rankings are still helpful, and a good starting point for draft prep, as we discuss this week. Thanks for the kind words, and I hope you enjoy the podcast. Thanks, Ben
Thanks for the note back Ben. Sorry, I generally don't listen to the podcasts as I prefer to read vs listen but understand the constraints. Sorry, but having to listen thru a discussion to get to pertinent information can be a bit tedious. Much prefer it written down so I can study and get to the information I'm interested in. Thankfully, the SS/SIM rankings are still alive which is great. It's nice to have a site dedicated to Scoresheet rather than the typical rotisserie stuff. I can get that stuff from several sources. BP (and HQ to a more limited extent) at least recognize Scoresheet as a fantasy site and it's a reason I promote BP as THE site for fantasy. But not having your guys articles as in the past few years is something I'm missing. Sorry. Dave
I'm in a Scoresheet Standard keeper league. I earned the 2nd overall pick last year and I'm in rebuild mode. Is the 2nd pick to early to draft Giolito? The top established pitcher available is arguably Shoemaker . My protected starters are Carrasco Darvish and Norris.
Thanks for the question! We talk about it on this week's pod. We think we'd probably go in a different direction, but it certainly wouldn't be an overdraft to take Giolito 2nd, we definitely expect he'll go there in a number of leagues.
I did hear it on your podcast. Thank you. Good news is that I was able to draft Lucroy with my 2nd overall pick and draft Giotio with my 2nd round pick.

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