This Week’s Podcast

This week, the Three True Outcomes talk about the trade deadlines, both MLB and Scoresheet. We go through the most notable MLB deals, mention our favorites both good and bad, and then we talk about the kinds of trades that Scoresheet teams should be looking to make between now and the deadline. We venture into some new ideas with ways to improve a contending team and ways to continue the rebuild for those out of contention.

We also updated the scraping data this week and have published the results here.

We’re always interested in trade evaluation questions, content ideas, and other questions or comments. Hit us up at

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I'm not understanding the love of George Springer for Scoresheet. Avg defensive range and OPS this and the past 3 years around .810 and not trending up, what am I missing?
Hi there! I guess it's a matter of perspective. I think we're totally in agreement about who he is, and that what you see is what you get, but I think we view that package as a tremendous asset--something around a 2nd to 3rd round talent in a startup continuing league given his relative youth. I think you can make the argument that an on-base driven, right-handed corner approach is more valuable in real life than in Scoresheet, but that makes him more of a trade candidate if you decide to build your team in a different way than anything else.

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