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July 25, 2001

Prospectus Roundtable

The Jermaine Dye Trade

by Baseball Prospectus

(Ed. note: The unofficial kickoff to Rumor Week got the staff here at BP riled.)

Rany Jazayerli: The following deal is about to take place: Kansas City trades Jermaine Dye to Oakland, which trades Mario Encarnacion, Jose Ortiz, and a pitcher to Colorado, which trades Neifi Perez to...

Do I need to finish the sentence?

Joe Sheehan: Dye for Perez is a disaster. Encarnacion, Ortiz, and an arm for Dye is not bad. Perez for the three A's is a great deal. Ortiz in Coors could become a rich man. Dan O'Dowd moves up a few ticks in my eyes.

Gary Huckabay: Why don't they just save time, and include Mike Sweeney for Ron Gant in the same deal? Why does Allard Baird even pick up the phone when Billy Beane calls? It's like Ricky Jay playing Three-Card Monte with Dubya.

Should the Royals even pay to have a phone system? They'd be better off without one. Why doesn't Baird just send a kidney to Beane?

JS: The Royals can still save this by taking John Schuerholz to the cleaners on Sanchez.

RJ: The problem, of course, is that the Royals traded for Perez and now have both he and Rey Sanchez on the roster. Don't they lose leverage with the Braves, or any other team? Schuerholz could just say, "Hey, you don't like our offer? Keep both of them!" What, you think he'll be nice because he once worked for the Royals, ten years ago?

JS: It's not that bad, actually. The Dodgers have been looking for a shortstop, the Astros might be interested, maybe even the Diamondbacks.

RJ: Of course, we're talking about the Royals here. They'll probably make Perez their second baseman.

JS: Or DH.

Wouldn't the Royals have been better of trading Dye to the A's for Encarnacion, Ortiz, and some arm?

Chris Kahrl: Silly wabbit, they just got somebody as good as Derek Jeter. He makes the Royals instantly better by his leadership skills and his run production.

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