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June 23, 2010

BP Unfiltered

LA Area Feed

by Christina Kahrl

Hi gang,

So, the All-Star Game is around the corner, and I'm going to be there (and out in the LA area for more than a week before and after, to see the Dodgers play the Cubs before and the Angels play the Mariners after. Editor-in-Chief John Perrotto will be in attendance for the All-Star festivities as well, and BP intern Steph Bee lives in the area, so naturally we're thinking we ought to make a point of meeting BP readers in the greater LA area.

Which brings me to problem #1: Are folks in the area or coming to LA for the All-Star Game interested? Because sitting around and talking about baseball over food and drink is almost always a good time. My expectation is that we'd aim for the weekend before the break, so July 10 or perhaps better still the 11th. How's that sound?

Then there's problem #2: I know LA only slightly better than I do Paris, which is to say I have a vague sense of where everything is (ocean's thataway, etc.), except that it's big, and in its sprawly hugeness, I have no idea where a good place to get together would be. Steph's initial idea of the ESPN SportsZone restaurant near Disney seems sensible, since it doesn't look like the Anaheim location's going to close, but is that really the spot to run with? Folks have anything more decidedly Angeleno and less corporate in character to recommend? Is Anaheim a convenient location for most folks? If there's a better suggestion, let's make that happen.

Finally, it doesn't have to involve pizza.

Register your thoughts here, and let's figure out a plan of action.

Christina Kahrl is an author of Baseball Prospectus. 
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Anaheim is quite a big schlep for people coming from LA. Can we do an event before a Dodger game at Chavez Ravine?

Jun 21, 2010 15:02 PM
rating: 0

While I would be willing to schlep to Anaheim for a BPPF, I would prefer something in the LA area -- as opposed to Arte Moreno's theoretical LA area.
Also, as irrelevant as it may sound, Sunday the 11th is the World Cup final, so the 10th might be a better choice -- why force folks to choose if it isn't necessary?

Jun 21, 2010 15:14 PM
rating: 0

Agree with the above (except I don't have a conflict with the World Cup).

I would at least try to make Anaheim, but would prefer something closer to downtown L.A.

Jun 21, 2010 16:19 PM
rating: 0

I'm in the same boat as a lot of people. I'd try to make an event in Anaheim, but something closer to, well, Los Angeles would be appreciated for a location.

Jun 21, 2010 18:12 PM
rating: 0

I will say that I am in the opposite boat. I would be much more likely to attend in Anaheim (or elsewhere in Orange County), depending on the time.

Jun 21, 2010 19:37 PM
rating: 1
BP staff member Steph Bee
BP staff

All right... perhaps we can find a happy medium for those from LA and those from OC/IE/surrounding cities. Would everyone be amendable to choose someplace in the middle? Or are there some other suggestions?

Jun 21, 2010 20:12 PM

In between LA and OC? Does such a place exist? Maybe that'd be something like Long Beach or Fullerton... I'd be fine with that, but I think in general LA's too huge to make everybody happy, best to pick a fun place that's good for you guys and we'll understand. Most everybody here has had the problem of getting far-flung friends together, you just can't keep it under an hour's drive for everybody.

Jun 21, 2010 20:33 PM
rating: 0
BP staff member Steph Bee
BP staff

True. I'm thinking more for the people coming from the IE/San Bernardino and other eastern cities since it's a bit of a drive to get into LA. Ideally the distance could be about equal for everyone, but I know that's probably not possible. Long Beach and Fullerton/Garden Grove/Seal Beach could certainly be options. I'm trying to get a general idea of which direction everyone is coming from so I can maybe make some suggestions.

For train stations in the Anaheim area, Anaheim, Anaheim Canyon, and Fullerton are possibilities for people who want to go that route, though Metrolink has made tons of cutbacks over the past few months and there are few weekend routes.

Jun 21, 2010 20:42 PM

These don't happen too often, so I'd be willing to make a bit of a trek. Unfortunately a lot of the area directly between Dodger Stadium and the Big A is industrial, but a bit south of the midpoint is north Long Beach/Downey/Bell Gardens and there might be something in that area.

Jun 22, 2010 11:17 AM
rating: -1

Likewise, I'll certainly make an effort to be there, depending on when/where it is. (The "when" may be the bigger factor; I work for the city, so Heaven only knows what my schedule's going to look like in 2.5 weeks.)

For what it's worth, I'm in the far NW corner of the SF valley, so none of the mentioned sites are remotely nearby. But, as has been mentioned, there isn't *anything* that's convenient to everybody in greater LA.

Jun 23, 2010 16:07 PM
rating: -1
Aaron Moreno

Put me down as another person for something actually in the LA area. Of course, I'm in Santa Clarita, so everything is a trip.

Jun 22, 2010 21:54 PM
rating: -1
Michael Dennis

I live in the inland empire but I would love to do this. I don't really follow the details of how you guys normally do this since you guys never come out to the left coast but if it's on a weekend I'll be there.

Jun 21, 2010 16:01 PM
rating: 0

The 11th is also the Futures Game as part of the All-Star festivities. I was at a couple of events out here when Joe and Jonah had them. One was at a Buca de Beppo, of which there are quite a few, and one was at a sports bar in the Irvine/Costa Mesa/Santa Ana area which is now an empty lot.

Jun 21, 2010 17:22 PM
rating: 0
BP staff member Joe Sheehan
BP staff

God, I remember the one at Bucca but completely forgot about the one we did in Irvine. Champs, I think. Geez, that was a long time ago, Stephen. Nate was at that one, IIRC.

I heartily recommend Phillippe's for the food, but it's not really a place you can have 30 people hang out for four hours. See also, Pantry, The.

One of the reasons we didn't really do much in LA was the geography. It's just not easy to find a location and a setting that will get you a quorum. Honestly, a ballgame might not be a bad idea; the Dodgers do group rates in the upper tank that are pretty cheap. Not sure about the Angels.

Jun 22, 2010 07:04 AM

If you are going to be out here for two weeks, perhaps you should consider one up in LA and one in OC.

Jun 21, 2010 17:43 PM
rating: 0

I'm around LA too but would make it down to OC if you want to stay near Angels Stadium. I don't know any unique places down there, but I'd vote for someplace near a Metrolink station (support public transit!). Fortunately, the Anaheim Metrolink station is basically in the stadium parking lot, and there's also a restaurant/retail district near the Fullerton station (next town over).

If you do LA, Casa Bianca in Eagle Rock is great for pizza, but would be logistically difficult (always crowded, cash only, last I heard they didn't take reservations). Masa in Echo Park is quieter, centrally located (walking distance from Dodger Stadium if you're a good walker), and has good stuff besides pizza. Philippe's downtown is a French dip place, not pizza - cheap, good for a group, not particularly great but a uniquely LA experience.

Jun 21, 2010 20:28 PM
rating: -1

I'm up in Santa Barbara but hail from OC, so I'd gladly make it down for this. LA is probably closer for me, but OC is far easier from a navigational perspective.

Jun 22, 2010 07:55 AM
rating: -1

If everyone is going to have to drive somewhere, it might as well be a destination worth driving to. I suggest the South Bay, specifically a bar called Beaches in Manhattan Beach, with stellar views of the beach and ocean during the day, from the top floor of the restaurant. This, from Yelp:

Disclaimer is that I know NOTHING about going out here. All I know is that if you want to go somewhere for a decent burger, breathtaking ocean view, and cheap drinks on a sunday afternoon right on the strand* with no wait in Manhattan Beach; then this is your spot. Sit on the top floor open air patio or at the bar and stare out at the ocean and pier.

* the strand is the sidewalk bordering the beach.

Parking will be a pain, but it will be worth it. The upstairs area will fit 40 people, easy.

Jun 22, 2010 10:47 AM
rating: -1

Another Santa Barbaran hoping to make it depending upon the day and time. Since it seems people are heading in from all points, perhaps downtown LA is best? My suggestion:

Has some semi-separate rooms a bunch of people could take over if they wanted (and if they were available--they don't do reservations). Not too expensive, on street parking, good beers, fine sausages of all varieties--traditional, exotic, even vegetarian.

Jun 22, 2010 11:36 AM
rating: 0

I love Wurstküche, but it's lines out the door on weekends. Fantastic idea and people would love it, but probably logistically infeasible. Having said that, their web page says they do take reservations for groups of 12-35, but they don't hold them long so the group can't trickle in.

That neighborhood reminds me of Señor Fish down the street, too... huge patio, good food, might be an idea worth considering.

Jun 22, 2010 20:44 PM
rating: 0
BP staff member Christina Kahrl
BP staff

One suggestion that has come in: the Yard House, over by LA Live. It's chain-ish, but is that central enough for most folks?

Jun 23, 2010 15:35 PM

There is a very nice Yard House in Long Beach. Kinda of sorta in between LA and the OC

Jun 23, 2010 23:51 PM
rating: 0
BP staff member Christina Kahrl
BP staff

So if we aimed for Saturday night, say 7 pm, before the ASG and at the ESPN SportsZone by the Staples Center, how does that sound to everyone?

Jun 24, 2010 18:57 PM
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