Hi gang,

So, the All-Star Game is around the corner, and I'm going to be there (and out in the LA area for more than a week before and after, to see the Dodgers play the Cubs before and the Angels play the Mariners after. Editor-in-Chief John Perrotto will be in attendance for the All-Star festivities as well, and BP intern Steph Bee lives in the area, so naturally we're thinking we ought to make a point of meeting BP readers in the greater LA area.

Which brings me to problem #1: Are folks in the area or coming to LA for the All-Star Game interested? Because sitting around and talking about baseball over food and drink is almost always a good time. My expectation is that we'd aim for the weekend before the break, so July 10 or perhaps better still the 11th. How's that sound?

Then there's problem #2: I know LA only slightly better than I do Paris, which is to say I have a vague sense of where everything is (ocean's thataway, etc.), except that it's big, and in its sprawly hugeness, I have no idea where a good place to get together would be. Steph's initial idea of the ESPN SportsZone restaurant near Disney seems sensible, since it doesn't look like the Anaheim location's going to close, but is that really the spot to run with? Folks have anything more decidedly Angeleno and less corporate in character to recommend? Is Anaheim a convenient location for most folks? If there's a better suggestion, let's make that happen.

Finally, it doesn't have to involve pizza.

Register your thoughts here, and let's figure out a plan of action.