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May 4, 2012

BP Unfiltered

Newsletter Update

by Dave Pease

After over 2700 editions delivered, our ancient newsletter server shipped its last text-only batch of newsletters last weekend and celebrated by melting down into its component elements.  We tried to get the thing back online this week, but have been unable to revive it.  So its time for Baseball Prospectus to get a modern newsletter solution.

Much has happened with email delivery options in the many years since our old server was brought online, and there are smart people out there whose careers are dedicated to whitelisting, configuring delivery options on an ISP-by-ISP basis, extensive delivery reporting, and a lot of other fun things.  We're presently in negotiations with people like this to take over the delivery of our newsletter to all of our subscribers.  The newsletter will return in a format similar to our previous editions, at least, by sometime next week.  And since we're no longer constrained by the legacy system we were using, we can do a lot of things that people have asked for in the newsletter over the years.  Our designer is working on an HTML version that should be more featureful and easier on the eyes.  Even better, we should be able to increase the customization of each newsletter we send, allowing for all sorts of things--leaderboards?  Leaderboards and news for just your favorite team (or teams)?  Your Team Tracker standings?  The possibilities are many, and if you've got anything you want to suggest, please let us know in the comments or send us an email.

Until we've got the new system in place, you can visit http://www.baseballprospectus.com/newsletter/ (or select Articles > Newsletter from the site's new menu bar) at any time to see the newsletter that you're used to seeing in your mailbox.  You can also scroll back through previous days using the links on that page.  If you prefer, you can use the direct links below to see the newsletters for

Thanks for your patience, and we hope you have a great weekend.

Dave Pease is an author of Baseball Prospectus. 
Click here to see Dave's other articles. You can contact Dave by clicking here

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The BP Wayback Machine... (05/04)
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BP Unfiltered: Adam Du... (05/02)
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