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October 8, 2001

The Week in Quotes

October 1-7

by Derek Zumsteg


"You know, it's tough being this patient."
--to coach Robby Thompson, who was frustrated with the Astros pitching around Bonds

"I can't even express my feelings. I think some of them got some cheap shots in on my rib cage. So many years of frustration, I guess. That kind of got to me."
--on the pile-up of teammates greeting him when he hit home run #71

"Home plate was good but when the guys came from the bullpen, that touched me even more."
--on having the Giants bullpen come out and congratulate him as he took his position

"I'm just blessed. My father is a gifted athlete. I get a lot of information from someone I consider the best all-around baseball player, Willie Mays. So I get a lot of information from a lot of great athletes."
--on his abilities

"We've come a long way. We've had our ups and downs. Thank you," he said, before burying his face in his hands and bursting into tears.
--addressing the crowd

"This is my home. It's been my home since 1968 when my dad came here. It's always been my home. My relationship has been up and down, but for the most part has been good. This year it's been exceptionally good. You walk into a store, and you run into little old ladies who've never seen a baseball game before in their whole life, telling you what a great accomplishment you have."
--on San Francisco


"Even's nothing. Even is, I done tied Ty."
--on tying Ty Cobb's career record for runs scored

"Sliding into home plate was really a treat for my teammates. I think they were expecting me to go head first into home plate but I told them I hate sliding into home plate head first, so I eventually went feet first. It was a thrill, and I guess I made their day as well as my day."
--on sliding into home with run #2,246

"Going out and scoring so many runs, it's just not an individual record. It's a record that you've got to have your teammates help you out. Over 23 years, I have had some great teammates who have battled for me, have knocked me in and I've come across the plate to achieve this record."
--acknowledging his teammates

"I thought I would never get there because I walk so much. If you continue to play as long as I've been playing, you get the opportunity to do it."
--on 3,000 hits

"I knew this was the last day and I thought I'd have four at-bats. I wanted to take up the whole at-bat and get as many swings as I could get until I got the hit."
--on getting #3,000


"You can't dampen what Barry did just because we lost to the Dodgers or didn't win the wild card. Barry has been great this year and overachieved while pushing this team. He should be very proud. He's been telling you guys all year that all he wants to do is win. I'm sure just like all of us, he is disappointed we couldn't beat the Dodgers tonight."
--Jeff Kent, Giants infielder

"I want him to get to 75. I want him to put it where no one can get there. That's what I want him to do."
--Willie Mays

"You guys are crazy. Who'd hit third? Marvin Benard?"
--Dusty Baker, Giants manager, asked by reporters if Bonds should lead off to get him more at-bats


"Man, what a sight, Rickey cruising into second base and all his teammates running out there. That's what the game's all about. He's the all-time leader in steals, walks, and runs scored, and today, he steps up to the plate and gets it done. I am so proud of you, Rickey, really happy for you. See, us old guys, we've still got a little something."
--Tony Gwynn, Padres outfielder


"It's been unbelievable. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I'd be standing here after 20 years feeling good about a decision I made a year and a half ago. But I do. I feel I've done all I can do as a baseball player.
--Tony Gwynn, Padres outfielder

"I always played him like a right-handed pull hitter. That didn't work, either."
--Shawon Dunston, Giants outfielder, on Gwynn

"As a kid I had this dream, and I had parents that encouraged that dream. Then I became part of this organization--the Baltimore Orioles--that helped me fulfill that dream. Imagine playing for my hometown team for my whole career. And I have a wife and children who helped me share and savor the fruits of that dream. And I've had teammates who have filled my career with unbelievable moments--and you fans who have loved the game and have shared your love with me. Tonight we close the chapter of this dream, my playing career. But I have other dreams."
--Cal Ripken Jr., Orioles infielder

"I would have been proud. I would have stepped off the mound and waited for him to come out of the dugout. Even if he'd hit a home run, I would have clapped myself. I know what those moments mean."
--David Cone, Red Sox pitcher, on what his reaction would have been if Ripken had hit a home run on the all-fastball diet Cone fed him


"Ken Griffey Jr. was my husband's favorite baseball player, if Ken could hit an extra home run for Kenny, I know he will be looking down with a big grin."
--Katrina Marino, in an e-mail she sent to the Reds, on behalf of her husband, a New York firefighter killed in the World Trade Center on September 11

"I'm glad I could do it. So many people lost their lives in that disaster and lives have been changed. Mine has changed since that day. So to be able to do something for somebody else and for somebody who said I was his favorite player is special."
--Ken Griffey Jr., Reds outfielder


"They say, 'He's too big, he can't hit for power,' things like that. It sounds like a broken record. But you wait until after I finish my career. That's when they're going to say, 'This was a guy who had a lot of longevity.'
--Dmitri Young, Reds outfielder

"Eventually, it's going to pay off. This team may not know what they're going to do with me, but there are always teams looking to make moves over the offseason. That's a part of this game that's out of my control. In the meantime, I'll just be home with my family, chilling."

"In my mind, from a pitcher to a coach, it's been an ideal working relationship, and he's one of the best people I've ever had the privilege to be around in baseball, with the way he does his job and the way he handles things. He's going to land on his feet. He's going to get a job. It's strange."
--Kevin Tapani, Cubs pitcher, on his ex-pitching coach Oscar Acosta

"It was Oscar and myself. It's not like we were at each other's throats all the time. There's no coach that's going to come before the team. The team comes first. That's the most important thing. I stand by that, and that's how I feel."
--Don Baylor, Cubs manager

"I'm not sure what Mack Newton hit this year, I don't know how many guys he drove in, but I don't think you can blame a season on a guy who stretches us and talks to us. I don't see the logic in it."
--Kerry Wood, Cubs pitcher, on Cubs conditioning consultant and motivational speaker Mack Newton

"I think the question for Don next spring is: Can you admit to making a mistake? Or are you so bullheaded that you're going to continue to force [Newton] on us knowing it's not working?"


"I pitched good enough to do it; it just hasn't worked out. I had the start in New York I didn't get to finish. I hung in there in Florida. I hung in there in Philly. You've got to get some breaks to win. When I was getting all those runs, remember how good I was? Now all of a sudden I'm not good. Sometimes you're overrated when you win and underrated when you lose."
--Greg Maddux, Braves pitcher

"Because we saw the difference in the confidence level our players had when we did get leads with Roberto here, as opposed to last year when we didn't have him."
--Allard Baird, Royals GM, quoted by Peter Gammons on why he picked up the $6.3-million option on Roberto Hernandez for next year

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