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Transactions for November 15, 2013

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11/15/13 Philadelphia Phillies assigned RF Leandro Castro to the major league roster.
11/15/13 Los Angeles Dodgers signed 1B Manuel Peguero.
11/15/13 Los Angeles Dodgers signed P Johan Diaz.
11/15/13 Los Angeles Dodgers signed P Adriel Almonte.
11/15/13 San Francisco Giants signed P Chris Heston.
11/15/13 Chicago Cubs signed SS Jeudy Valdez.
11/15/13 Texas Rangers signed LF Kalian Sams.
11/15/13 Baltimore Orioles signed RF Chih-Hsien Chiang.
11/15/13 Chicago White Sox signed P Parker Frazier.
11/15/13 Colorado Rockies signed P Brooks Brown.
11/15/13 Tampa Bay Rays signed C Mayo Acosta.
11/15/13 Toronto Blue Jays signed 1B Dan Johnson.
11/15/13 Philadelphia Phillies signed P Cesar Jimenez.
11/15/13 Los Angeles Dodgers signed P Angel Suero.

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