Three True Outcomes (TTO) Scoresheet

Missing baseball already?  This episode will help at least as much as thumbing through old issues of Baseball Digest.  After a four month break, TTO shakes off none of the rust and talks life, Scoresheet, and everything in between.

We recorded this podcast a week before the World Series, but we saw our shadow when we came out to record, so it took a few weeks to get the episode uploaded.  Feel free to add that to your ever-growing list of complaints.

Breaking our self-imposed semi-hiatus to focus on one of the highlights of the Scoresheet calendar: the 40th round.

The Three True Outcomes podcast is back to chat about the state of the podcast, the state of the game, and how both impact (or don’t impact) Scoresheet.

The Outcomes take listener questions, discuss some of “their guys,” and talk WBC.

This week, the Outcomes take listener questions, and talk about spring training, and much more.

The Outcoes take listener questions and discuss the factors they consider when preparing player lists for the Scoresheet draft.

In their second episode of the year, the Outcomes take listener questons, offer their thoughts on keeper decisions and BP’s top 101 prospects, and much more.

In their final podcast of the season, the Outcomes welcome two Scoresheet experts to talk playoff lineups and much more.

The Outcomes answer myriad reader questions, talk last-minute Scoresheet deals, and much more.