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For All You Kids Out There

In May 2016, Jeffrey Paternostro and Jarrett Seidler recorded a three-hour, rambling podcast about the first month of Mets baseball and an improbable Bartolo Colon home run. Thus, For All You Kids Out There, an overly intellectual, late night cocktail lounge conversation between two lifelong Mets fans was born. With thirteen years of prospect writing (and sixty years of pulling out hair out watching Mets baseball) combined, we cover everything from the low minors to the majors, trades and free agent signings, and other assorted weird Metropolitan ephemera.

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Episode 237: "Do you really want to be Craig?"

August 31st, 2020

In Episode 237 of For All You Kids Out There, Jeffrey and Jarrett discuss the weirdest Mets Kremlinology yet, Steve Cohen closing in on ownership of the team, potential deadline moves, the current state of the Mets rotation, and well a whole lot of other stuff we’ve already forgotten after watching two dire Mets losses from record to post.


Episode 236: "I made the classic mistake of bringing up Sixto Sánchez"

August 24th, 2020

In Episode 236 of For All You Kids Out There, Jeffrey and (mostly) Jarrett chat about the Mets Covid issues, the latest in ownership rumors, the current state of the Mets rotation as we approach the trade deadline, and Jeffrey makes the classic mistake of bringing up Sixto Sánchez, turning what he thought would be like a 75-minute podcast into a…longer one.


Episode 235: "I’m gonna say what’s on my mind, then I’ll walk out, then I’ll feel fine"

August 17th, 2020

In Episode 235 of For All You Kids Out There, Jeffrey and Jarrett survey the Mets pitching landscape after another bad week of Mets baseball. We also return to one of our favorite topics, Luis Guillorme, and one of our least favorite topics, the Mets 40-man management. Then in the third half of the show we spend too much time considering the BVW era and Jarrett successfully predicts the J.D. Davis defensive regression that occurred immediately after we finished recording. And we wrap things up with Miocic/Cormier III thoughts, and whatever the fuck is happening in the WWE.


Episode 234: "Sorry old man but that’s just the way that it is, don’t bother none"

August 10th, 2020

In Episode 234 of For All You Kids Out There, Jeffrey and Jarrett lean into the meandering barroom conversation vibe in the first half of the show, touching on Michael Wacha’s injury, the Cardinals continuing Covid shutdown, Andres Gimenez, Jacob deGrom, before bringing back the Panic City Index. In the second half of the show Howard Megdal joins to break down the Mets ownership situation, and then we wrap things up with a third half of the show long enough to make Jarrett late for empanadas.


Episode 233: "One must imagine Sisyphus happy"

August 3rd, 2020

In Episode 233 of For All You Kids Out There, Jeffrey and Jarrett consider what it means to be a Mets fans in the face of a cruel and irrational universe, not to mention petty and incompetent ownership. So we chat about a very long day for both the Metropolitan baseball club and team media strategy, review a week of baffling transactions and frustrating baseball, and even answer your Facebook questions. We even get a little philosophical as Jeffrey has way more bourbon than he has had in recent months.


Episode 232: "Back in the New York (Metsssss) Groove"

July 26th, 2020

In Episode 232 of For All You Kids Out There, Jeffrey and Jarrett have two really real Mets games to examine and boy were they Metsy. We wax about how good Jacob deGrom looks, delve into that fastball from Edwin Diaz, and consider Andres Giménez’s role on the 2020 Mets. We also chat a bit about other baseball we’ve watched, note more warning signs that there probably shouldn’t be baseball, and put the kibosh on a potential Johnny Cueto trade.


Episode 231: "My resistance is crushed / I’m just here about some tangerines"

July 18th, 2020

In Episode 231 of For All You Kids Out There, we are hurtling towards actual Mets baseball in 2020, so naturally it was time to have David Roth on to talk mostly about Ty Bashlor.


Episode 230: "It’s a show about nothing"

July 12th, 2020

In Episode 230, Jeffrey and Jarrett are in midseason form as it takes eleven minutes to introduce the show, and neither of us have any idea how the first half is over an hour, or what we even talked about. We suspect there is a fair bit on the latest Mets ownership news, how the Mets are handling “absences” from Summer Camp, and some Jacob Rhame chat. We also take a wider look at the baseball landscape and whether the season should happen (Spoiler Alert: Still no). In the third half of the show we cover Fyter Fest, the New Japan Cup and Dominion, and Remember Some 90s Puroresu Guys.


Episode 229: "This is Craig"

July 5th, 2020

In Episode 229 of For All You Kids Out There, Craig and Jarrett discuss the Mets almost-60-man roster, some new pool players, and what that might all mean for Johneshwy Fargas. There’s also chat about intake testing, if baseball really knows what they are doing w/r/t the health of the players, and the first round of opt-outs from some big veteran names. Then Craig answers all your non-Rays, non-wrestling questions in the third half of the show.


Episode 228: "Welp"

June 24th, 2020

There’s going to be a baseball season. Well, they’re going to try and play a baseball season.


Episode 227: "This Week in MLB Labor Relations"

June 22nd, 2020

In Episode 227 of For All You Kids Out There Jeffrey and Jarrett get you up to speed on another long week of “negotiations” over the 2020 MLB season. Now it might not even matter since Covid cases are on the rise in Florida, Texas, and Arizona, and it’s not clear that sports should happen at all. We also talk about Jo Adell’s comments in The Undefeated and a major report on the corruption in the International Free Agent market. It’s been a week. In the third half of the show we talk about the last week of #speakingout about a widespread culture of sexual harassment and abuse in professional wrestling professional wrestling (cw: sexual harassment, sexual assault)


Episode 226: "Central Jersey Exists"

June 14th, 2020

In Episode 226 of For All You Kids Out There, we have several important revelation, like the episode title, and that Jeffrey had the wrong mic setting for the first ten minutes. We also chat about This Week in Labor Agitating, This Week in Mets Ownership, and review the 2020 Mets draft class with BP’s Senior MLB Draft Writer, Keanan Lamb.


Episode 225: "Draught/Draft"

June 6th, 2020

In Episode 225, Jeffrey has some very special guest for a 2020 MLB Draft Special. In the first half of the show, Greg Karam join to review the 2015 Mets draft class. There uh isn’t a ton to talk about. In the second half of the show, BP’s Senior MLB Draft Writer Keanan Lamb outlines the truncated 2020 draft and talks strategy and some college arms the Mets have been linked to. In the third half of the show, Brady and Jeffrey do a draft of their own, an AEW Franchise Draft.