Bronx Beat


Episode 266: Prospects Added to the 40-Man Roster

November 25th, 2020

EJ and Andy discuss whether the Yankees should sign Yadier Molina and the Yankee prospects added to the 40-man roster in advance of the Rule V draft.


Episode 265: Reloading the Bullpen

November 18th, 2020

EJ, Andy and Patrick discuss the Marlins’ hiring of Kim Ng as General Manager and how the Yankees can reload their bullpen for 2021.


Episode 264: Starting Pitching Free Agents

November 11th, 2020

EJ, Paul and Mike discuss trading for Francisco Lindor and potential free agent starting pitchers.


Episode 263: Which Free Agents Should the Yankees Resign?

October 28th, 2020

EJ, Paul and Andy discuss which free agents the Yankees should resign this offseason.


Episode 261: ALDS in Review

October 14th, 2020

EJ, Paul and Andy discuss the 5-game loss to the Tampa Bay Rays in the American League Division Series.


Episode 260: ALDS Preview

October 5th, 2020

EJ and Rob discuss the wild card round against the Cleveland Indians and the coming American League Division Series against the Tampa Bay Rays.


Episode 259: Wild Card Round Preview

September 29th, 2020

EJ and Andy preview the Yankees 3-game playoff series against the Cleveland Indians.


Episode 258: First Round Playoff Matchups

September 23rd, 2020

EJ and Andy discuss which team they would like the Yankees to face in the first round of the 2020 playoffs.


Episode 257: Miguel Andujar’s Future

September 16th, 2020

EJ and Andy discuss the MLB postseason bubble, Miguel Andujar’s future place on the Yankees, and the current state of the rotation.


Episode 256: Rock Bottom

September 9th, 2020

EJ, Paul and Mike discuss the Yankee recent poor play. Is this a good team?


Episode 255: More Like Trade Dudline

September 2nd, 2020

EJ and Mike discuss the state of the Yankees after not adding any players at the trade deadline.

We had some audio quality issues on this episode. We apologize!


Episode 254: More Injuries Than Games

August 26th, 2020

EJ and Paul discuss the state of the Yankees given the newest round of injuries and what players they should target at the trade deadline on Monday.


Episode 253: Trade Deadline, Already?!

August 19th, 2020

EJ, Rob and Mike talk about the recent spat of Yankee injuries and Yankee targets for the rapidly-approaching trade deadline.


Episode 252: Stanton Down

August 12th, 2020

EJ and Rob discuss the Yankees’ 1-6 stretch, Giancarlo Stanton’s injury and a potential MLB playoff bubble.