Alex Faedo, RHP, University of Florida
Seen in a 8 2/3 IP start on 2/24. Athletic body; lacks remaining physical projection due to age as well as current body mass. Pitches from a full-wind; compact arm action with a high elbow in the back; slight reach in the back; above-average arm speed; three-quarters slot; has crossfire; not the most athletic delivery and somewhat awkward but repeats it well and makes it work. Fastball 90-92, T94; velo dropped to 88-90 later in game; average arm-side life; uses it against righties well. Slider 83-85; future plus offering; late darting action; can get big at times and lose sharp break but should be a consistent plus pitch in future; used to both sides. Change 87-88; has quality arm speed; but lacks movement; has right idea against LHH in throwing on outer half away; should improve to an average offering down the road. 1.14-1.20 to the plate. Missed fall due to arthroscopic knee surgery on both knees; has not regained prior velocity; will have to be monitored going forward; if velo comes back is a middle of the rotation candidate.

Jesse Lepore, RHP, University of Miami (FL)
Seen in a 6 IP start on 2/24. Pitches form a Full wind; compact arm action with average arm speed; high-three-quarters slot; hides ball behind body adding to deception; creates steep downhill plane; tended to leave balls up and arm-side, suggesting a lack of coordinated timing. Fastball 90-92; has average cut action at times; inconsistent; should improve to average in time; more around zone then hitting spots consistently. Slider 79-82; large break and depth with early break; some had downer action but wasn't consistent; effective as an out pitch as well as for strikes. Change 77-81; quality arm speed; added deception helps the pitch play up; has some late fade; but lacks overall movement. 1.28-1.33 to the plate. Interesting starting pitcher; average across the board arsenal; command and control should play enough to suggest a starting role at the next level. See as a back-end of the rotation candidate with a bullpen fallback.

Pearson McMahan, RHP, St. John River State (JUCO)
Seen in a 6 IP start on 2/9. Lean, muscular body; has some physical projection remaining; lean in lower half. Pitches from a full wind; compact arm action with fair arm speed; three-quarters slot. Fastball 92-94, T95; lacked overall movement; didn't get swing/miss on fastball in zone; was able to locate for strikes later in game but struggled early; command not as sharp as it needs to be. Slider 80-83 T84; has depth; can locate for strikes as well as for whiffs; early break and can be slurvy out of hand but effective against both sides. Only threw one in-game CH at 83; lacked movement but showed arm speed on it; had feel for pitch in warmups and should improve with more repetitions. 1.2-1.28 SS. Intriguing young arm; drafted in 19th round as a freshman in 2016; quality FB/SL; but struggled with lack of strike-throwing and hittable fastball. Committed to Mississippi State.

Trent Autry, RHP, Florence-Darlington Tech (JUCO)
Seen in a 4 IP start on 2/9. Body needs to be monitored going forward—will always be a big kid but need to watch for added bad weight; large midsection; not a lot of physical projection remaining. Pitches from a full wind-up; steps towards 3B with crossfire; struggles to repeat delivery. Longer arm action with a slightly high elbow; three-quarters slot. Fastball 88-92, T93; some cut; added deception from crossfire in delivery; struggles with strikes. Slider 84-85, T87; flashed average with depth and tilt; others with small break and cut-like action; inconsistent at present but should improve with reps and working through delivery. No CH thrown; didn't seem comfortable with pitch in warmups. 1.03-1.13; too quick in slidestep which can hinder his control. Interesting arm; might be a candidate for draft next year but has some intrigue.

Colby Fitch, C, University of Louisville
Seen in 3 games from 2-17/2-19; caught Fri. & Sat.; DH Sun. Thick muscular build; lacks remaining physical projection; catcher’s body. Hits from an even stance with hands behind ear; good rhythm; leg tap for timing; below-average bat speed but has good contact ability; tough to strikeout; slightly uphill swing plane; understands the zone; approach is mainly opposite field to middle; but can pull a ball when a mistake is made. Average raw power now; has strength and loft on hit balls out from right to right-center; plays down slightly due to lack of overall bat speed as well as approach. Not a runner; 4.44 H-1B; not expected to steal bases. Average arm strength; 2.00-2.06; fair hands. Defense is rough currently; lacks consistency in framing and catching but has made improvements from game to game. Not an agile blocker; struggles with blocking balls in front in the dirt.

Drew Ellis, 3B/1B, University of Louisville
Seen play 1B and 3B from 2-17/2-19; played 1B Fri.; 3B Sat. & Sun. Large frame with a lean, muscular body; has some physical projection remaining. Hits from a tall, even stance with hands about halfway between ear and shoulder; above-average bat speed; slightly uphill swing plane with quick hands; approach is primarily pull-side but can spray to all fields; looks to pull the ball for power. Plus raw power; has bat speed and loft to take ball out from left to center field; plays down now but projects to play to plus in future given bat speed; contact ability; and overall approach. Not a runner; 4.42 H-1B; is athletic enough to take an extra base but isn't a base-stealing threat. Average arm strength that is accurate; plays at the position. Below-average fielder now; struggles with initial reads off the bat as well as lateral range. Has athleticism and ability to improve to average; soft hands. Played R-Fr. year in left field and projects to play corner infield this year; could play OF in minors to improve flexibility as well as versatility.

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