Rainy Lara

Born: 03/14/1991 (Age: 25)
Bats: Right Throws: Right
Height: 6' 4" Weight: 180
Medium tempo, some wind up, tick above three-quarters slot. Among the worst arm actions I've seen, turns it over late and high effort at the end of the delivery. Gives him some deception, but he can't maintain arm action/delivery deep into starts, loses velo/command.
Evaluator Jeffrey Paternostro
Report Date 05/04/2016
Affiliate Binghamton Mets (AA, Mets)
Dates Seen 4/29/2016
OFP/Risk 30/High
Realistic 20: Organizational soldier
Video No
Pitch Type Present Grade Future Grade Sitting Velocity Peak Velocity Report
Fastball 40 40 88-90 91 Held velocity better than in past looks, but command wavered after 50 pitches. Some armside run, but only gets that when he is working away. Fringy command overall, and pitch is very hittable.
Slider 45 50 75-78 78 Sweepy, slurvy thing, but weirdly effective. Pitch will show early, but gloveside break appears to accelerate late. Can spot or chase with it. Will work backwards off it when fastball command starts to go. His best ones will get more two-plane break.
Changeup 20 30 80-81 82 Crude, occasional fade, but can't command. More changeups here than in prior looks, but is essentially a two-pitch pitcher.

Lara is miscast as a starter at this point in his professional career. The slider is intriguing enough that it might make him an emergency relief arm, if he can gain some consistency with it in shorter bursts, but the stuff is a bit short for even that role.

Jameson Taillon

Born: 11/18/1991 (Age: 24)
Bats: Right Throws: Right
Height: 6' 5" Weight: 240
Arm Action: long arm action; extension and wrap behind back before whipping through zone; above-average arm speed

Delivery: 3/4 release; slight body tilt; high leg kick; slight drop and drive; long stride; finish over front foot; mild effort delivery

Body: large, mature frame; workhorse build; strength in lower half; long torso; broad shoulders with slant; lengthy armspan

Evaluator Adam Hayes
Report Date 05/16/2016
Affiliate Indianapolis Indians (, Pirates)
Dates Seen 5/14/2016
OFP/Risk 70/Low
Realistic Future solid 2, luxury 3 starter
MLB ETA 2016
Video Yes
Pitch Type Present Grade Future Grade Sitting Velocity Peak Velocity Report
FB 70 70 95 97 mostly 94-96; consistently thrown for strikes, though will groove at times; misses are low glove-side, up arm-side; velo dips slightly in later innings, still plus-plus; maintains from stretch; slight downhill plane from release; gets armside run to both sides of plate
CB 60 70 83 85 can vary between big 11-5 hammer with two-plane break and sharp 12-6 that drops off table–both are highly effective; some struggle missing high armside; swing-miss weapon when down
CH 45 50 88 91 hard, straight CH; flashes slight fade and drop; most hittable offering; clear third pitch, but confidence to use early in counts
CONTROL 60 65 walk avoidance has been excellent since return from injury; FB for consistent strikes; offspeed not far behind

COMMAND: 50/60
impressive given recent absence; tends to work FB more to armside; CH and CB will be left up, though CH tends to stay in zone


Future front-end rotation piece with plus-plus FB and future plus-plus CB. Former first-rounder that missed 2014-2015 with injuries. Control has been excellent so far, though past history would suggest some drop off. FB sits 95 and reaches 97. Release helps get downhill with slight arm-side run. CB is plus to plus-plus; shape not entirely consistent, ranging from big breaking hammer to sharp with drop. Would imagine feel still returning. Same could be said of CH, though it is clearly third pitch. Will show occasional slight fade and drop. Highly impressed with determination to return and return at high level. Ready to contribute now, but more time to regain feel won't hurt. Future solid 2, luxury 3 starter.

Jonathan Harris

Born: 10/16/1993 (Age: 22)
Bats: Right Throws: Right
Height: 6' 4" Weight: 175
Clean downhill release, firm delivery, aggressive demeanor; comes from a three-quarters slot
Evaluator Grant Jones
Report Date 05/18/2016
Affiliate Lansing Lugnuts (Low A, Blue Jays)
Dates Seen May 18th 2016
OFP/Risk 60/
Realistic Mid rotation starter +
MLB ETA 2019
Video Yes
Pitch Type Present Grade Future Grade Sitting Velocity Peak Velocity Report
FB 55 60 93-94 95 Four seam will sit at 94, not often going below 93, Command of the pitch is above average.
CB 50 60 80-82 12-6 break, hard vertical drop, big swing miss pitch, can break it across planes
SL 45 50 87 Sharp break, complements fastball well and stays in the zone until last minute break takes it out
CH 35 45 86-88 Fade on the pitch

Fastball and curveball will both be future plus pitches, velocity on the fastball is undeniable and the hammer 12-6 will carry him far. Great feel for the slider that compliments his fastball perfectly. If he can turn his change up into a major league average pitch than he will be well on his way to be a number two starter, but will slot into the middle of a rotation even if it sits fringe. Uses his hight to an advantage on the mound throwing downhill.

Skye Bolt

Born: 01/15/1994 (Age: 22)
Bats: Switch Throws: Right
Height: 6' 3" Weight: 190
Primary Position: CF
Secondary Position: RF
Tall, lean frame with wiry strength throughout; Slightly sloped shoulders with strength through the chest tapering to trim waist and long legs; Athletic, agile body with marginal room for added development.
Evaluator James Fisher
Report Date 05/02/2016
Dates Seen 4/9, 4/10, 4/14, 4/26-5/1
Affiliate Beloit Snappers (Low A, Athletics)
MLB ETA Risk Factor OFP Realistic Role Video
2019 High 50 Everyday Regular Yes

No major issues, works hard and wants to compete.

Tool Future Grade Report
Hit 40 Mild crouch, slightly open front foot and a stride to get the swing going; Slight hitch that is more of a timing mechanism combined with light bat wrap lengthen the swing; Swing path has improved in consistency from both sides of the plate and simplified approach has led to moderate barrel control combined with average bat speed and mild leverage; Stays balanced through swing and controls his weight shift on breaking balls; Pitch recognition has improved, swing and miss is in zone rather than outside; Will put the ball in play enough to let his speed work.
Power 30 Mild leverage and strength in swing lead to well below-average raw but does show ability to drive the ball out of the park pull-side left handed; In game, swing and approach geared towards line drives and doubles rather than homers; Most homers will be to pull side; 5-8 homers annually in the big leagues.
Baserunning/Speed 60 4.03 from left side, 4.12 from right side at present; Fast, explosive strides; Appears to be gliding across the base paths, especially when going 1st to 3rd. Not afraid to steal a bag showing good instincts on the base paths.
Glove 60 Premium defensive skill set in CF; Plus speed with solid routes and covers both gaps; Arm is a weapon in CF and will play in RF if needed.
Arm 60 Loose arm with long stroke; Ball jumps out of his hand with on-line carry through the bag; Accurate throws from CF, throws to correct base; Likes to show it off.

Bolt is a 22-year-old center fielder drafted in the fourth round of the 2015 draft out of UNC with an athletic frame and mild projection remaining. He is gifted with three plus tools; speed, defense, and arm that he combines to become an above average defensive center fielder. His bat will be the defining factor in his development and has shown the ability to make adjustments at the plate. Will be an everyday regular at the major league level.

Isan Diaz

Born: 05/27/1996 (Age: 19)
Bats: Left Throws: Right
Height: 5' 10" Weight: 185
Primary Position: SS
Secondary Position: 2B
Medium frame with strength through slightly sloped shoulders and legs; Strong hands and wrists; Limited room for growth.
Evaluator James Fisher
Report Date 05/03/2016
Dates Seen 4/6, 4/7, 4/14-4/18, 4/20
Affiliate Wisconsin Timber Rattlers (Low A, Brewers)
MLB ETA Risk Factor OFP Realistic Role Video
2019 Medium 50 Everyday Regular at 2B Yes

No known issues.

Tool Future Grade Report
Hit 55 Setup in the box is even stance with slight crouch and slight bat waggle; Rocks back to load with small leg kick but stays balanced; Above-average bat speed with slight uppercut swing; Barrel stays in hitting zone and finds the ball; Recognizes spin; Has an approach at the plate;
Power 40 Raw power is average due to strength in frame and bat speed; In game, shows power to pull side and ability to drive the ball with authority the other way; Most will come to pull side; Will be more doubles power with 9-13 homers on an annual basis.
Baserunning/Speed 40 Quick feet with athletic strides; Shows ability to steal a bag but not a consistent threat to run; First-to-third well.
Glove 50 Quick feet and reactions lead to a solid but unspectacular package at SS; Gets to the balls he should but will be a tick short as he ages; Will necessitate a move to 2B; Will be average there with the reactions and athleticism to turn the double play.
Arm 50 Proper arm action with a quick release and accuracy; Playable arm for short but the throw from the hole is short; Will play average at 2B with plenty of strength to make the throw from up the middle.

Isan Diaz is a 19-year-old shortstop in his first year of full-season professional baseball. He has an advanced bat and approach for his age due to above average bat speed and feel to hit. He is adequate at short currently but a move to second will happen. He will be an everyday second baseman at the ML level with the bat being his carrying tool.

Trent Clark

Born: 11/01/1996 (Age: 19)
Bats: Left Throws: Left
Height: 6' 0" Weight: 205
Primary Position: CF
Secondary Position: RF
Physical body with broad shoulders and thick neck; Strength throughout with strong forearms and wrists; Limited flexibility in hips but work fine; Lacks physical projection going forward but will get stronger as he matures.
Evaluator James Fisher
Report Date 05/16/2016
Dates Seen DH 5/11, 5/14
Affiliate Wisconsin Timber Rattlers (Low A, Brewers)
MLB ETA Risk Factor OFP Realistic Role Video
2019 High 60 Everyday Regular and Occasional All Star Yes

Hustles all the time and plays the game hard; Seems to truly enjoy the game.

Tool Future Grade Report
Hit 60 Starts from a slightly open, upright stance with hands near his shoulder; Utilizes a short stride to get the bat going along with small load in hands; Grip on the bat is unorthodox, golf grip; Once you get over the way it looks, you realize it doesn't hinder his swing at all; Above average bat speed combined with level swing leaves the barrel in the zone for long time; Recognizes spin well for age and understands what he wants to do at the plate; Sprays the ball to all fields and isn't afraid to pull or go opposite field.
Power 50 Doubles power at present; Bat speed and strength for average power down the road; Combination of bat and approach will allow him to hit 15-18 HR annually.
Baserunning/Speed 50 4.18, 4.22, 4.16. Gets out of the box well with choppy steps to start; Better speed underway; Heads up on the base paths and will steal a bag if given the opportunity; In CF, has enough speed to run down balls he should; While not plus, instincts help it play up.
Glove 50 Instinctual defender with reliable glove and average routes; Good jumps allow him to cover more ground than you would think looking at his frame; If moved to right, would be an above-average defender.
Arm 60 Comes out easy with on-line carry through the bag; Good arm action; Can make all the throws from center and the arm would play fine in right.

Drafted in the first round of the 2015 draft out of Richland HS in Texas, Trent Clark is a physical center fielder with an advanced offensive skill set. He combines elite bat speed with an advanced batting eye to control the strike zone and stays within himself. Defensively he patrols center field with solid reads off the bat and a plus arm that plays up in center with carry through the bag. Profiles as an everyday CF with a bat that will keep him at the top of the lineup.

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Before injury, I'd seen Taillon work in a two-seamer with some fade as a change o' pace, ground ball pitch. Did he use it in this viewing or perhaps it's been scrapped?
I saw Taillon in his first start this year and he was throwing a tailing fastball.
As a follow up question to jeshleman, is there any observable cause to the sudden improvement in Taillon's control? The expectation would be some control issues after a long lay off, especially for a guy still learning to harness his stuff. However, he's come back with a significant uptick in this area.

Has there been an alteration to the delivery or pitch selection upon his return? Could it just be a sample size fluke?
Re: Skye Bolt, I have trouble seeing how a player with a 40 hit tool and 30 power is a likely major league regular even as a plus defender with an 80 grade name. Could you list some current major leaguers with similar grades?
I admit that it is a tough profile. Think of a .260ish hitter with 5-8 homers similar to a Brett Gardner type.