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Ryan Borucki

Born: 03/31/1994 (Age: 21)
Bats: Left Throws: Left
Height: 6' 4" Weight: 175
Tall and stringy build; fluid delivery; three-quarters arm slot; clean arm action; repeats delivery out of windup and in stretch; keeps head still; excellent posture; hides ball effectively; short stride; straight stride; gets flustered easily.
Evaluator Brendan Gawlowski
Report Date 08/03/2015
Affiliate Vancouver Canadians (Short Season, Blue Jays)
Dates Seen 07-14-2015
OFP/Risk 50/High
Realistic 40; backend starter
MLB ETA 2019
Video No
Pitch Type Present Grade Future Grade Sitting Velocity Peak Velocity Report
FB 45 50 86-89 92 Velocity: 45/50
Movement: 55/55
Command: 50/60

T92; downhill plane; moderate wiggle both directions; above-average control to all quadrants but he'll nibble; fringe-average command at present but should improve with repetition; excellent feel for pitching; adds and subtracts velocity.

CH 45 55 80-81 82 Movement: 55/55
Command: 50/60

Inconsistent arm speed; moderate fading action with some tumble; solid average command; swing-and-miss pitch; likes to vary velocity but arm speed reduction is apparent at times.

CB 45 55 67-70 72 Movement: 55/55
Command: 45/50

Intentionally adds and subtracts depth; sharpest curves flashed above-average depth; 12-6 action; slower curves were loopy; bounced a couple.


Borucki has missed time with various arm ailments since he was drafted in 2012; the outing I saw was just his 20th appearance as a Blue Jays farmhand. Despite the extended layoffs, Borucki is advanced for a pitcher in short season ball. He lives around the edges of the plate with all three pitches, and while he can sometimes err towards the side of caution when attacking hitters, he rarely makes a mistake in the zone. He can throw his fastball and both secondaries for strikes, and he showed advanced pitchability: you just don't see too many starters who can add and subtract velocity on their fastball or depth on their curve at this level.

If Borucki can stay healthy, the Jays could have a mid-rotation starter on their hands, although it looks like the organization will be taking it slowly with him. He’s still building up arm strength — he didn’t make it out of the third inning and his average fastball velocity was quite a bit lower than his highest readings — but both his slight build and injury history suggest that he’s unlikely to develop into a workhorse. He could have three average or better pitches at full maturity though and he knows how to pitch, so there’s plenty of upside if it all clicks, even if he proves best in doses.

Jarlin Garcia

Born: 01/18/1993 (Age: 22)
Bats: Left Throws: Left
Height: 6' 2" Weight: 170
Plus arm speed with a clean arm action; some effort in delivery.
Evaluator Jeff Moore
Report Date 08/03/2015
Affiliate Jupiter Hammerheads (High A, Marlins)
Dates Seen 4/15/15, 7/12/15
OFP/Risk 55/Moderate
Realistic 50, Set-up man
MLB ETA Late 2016
Video No
Pitch Type Present Grade Future Grade Sitting Velocity Peak Velocity Report
FB 60 65 91-94 95 Plus velocity; throws a lot of strikes, average command within strike zone; straight, not a deceiving pitch, effective because of velocity; must improve in-zone command, works down but can improve throwing to all four quadrants.
SLD 50 60 81-83 More vertical movement than horizontal, but not straight down; good ones have bigger break but remain sharp; when he overthrows it remains sharp but break is shorter; should be a highly effective pitch vs. LH batters; will need to reach peak to miss right-handed bats.
CHG 40 45 84-87 Inconsistent offering, keeps it low consistently but limited movement; some arm-side fade but below-average movement; has a tendency to get too firm with pitch, loses movement and becomes very hittable.

Garcia's success is due to his fastball/slider combination which makes for one of the better two-pitch arsenals from the left side in the minors. The slider is already a highly effective pitch against lefties and could eventually be a weapon against righties as well. There is some effort to his delivery, which could lead to a relief role, but it wouldn't be an issue if he had a more well-rounded arsenal.

His changeup is below-average and doesn't show a ton of potential for growth. That leaves him with a two-pitch arsenal that will make it tough to remain a starter. Additionally, his slender build puts extra strain on his arm to create his velocity, especially later in outings when his legs tire.

He has a chance to remain a starter if he adds strength in the lower half and can get his change-up to league-average, but those are two major questions for a player who is already 22. He's a very talented pitcher, however, and should be a highly effective reliever, and potentially one who can pitch in high-leverage situations.

Jacob Nottingham

Born: 04/03/1995 (Age: 20)
Bats: Right Throws: Right
Height: 6' 3" Weight: 230
Primary Position: C
Secondary Position:
Impressive physique, football history evident; strong kid, well-proportioned and filled-out; above-average athleticism, movements can get measured and slow down.
Evaluator Wilson Karaman
Report Date 07/30/2015
Dates Seen 6 games, July 2015
Affiliate Stockton Ports (High A, Athletics)
MLB ETA Risk Factor OFP Realistic Role Video
2017 Moderate 60 55/Bat-first starting catcher Yes

Hard-worker, engages his pitchers well; some immaturity, will take bad calls at the plate with him into the next pitch and give away at-bats; extremely competitive, curses loudly when he misses his pitch.

Tool Future Grade Report
Hit 50 Wide start-up, slight crouch, hands deep off back shoulder; minimal load, mild bat wrap; quiet hands and top half; long stride with aggressive weight transfer; generates well above-average torque and extreme separation, above-average bat speed with leverage; hands stay back, front elbow stays up, keeps inside the ball with predominantly opposite-field approach; plus track with above-average command of the zone, lets the ball travel well; aggressive in-zone, wants to extend, can be beaten by in-out sequencing, inner-third swing-and-miss.
Power 60 60+ raw to all fields; generates top spin with more linear in-game swing to pull side and up the middle; looks to separate and lift in fastball counts; approach to drive it oppo in games with leverage and strength to take balls out to right; ball carries to right-center.
Baserunning/Speed 40 averaged 4.38 from the right side, long finish; fringe-average first gear, likely to play down as he ages and settles into frame.
Glove 50 Wide, low crouch behind the plate, strong lateral agility; inconsistent blocking technique, frequently gets down on just the left knee leaving right side exposed; struggles to get glove down across his body to arm side; average hands and framing, loose receiving in-zone, will bring pitches out of the zone; calls a good game, executes game plan with minimal shakes.
Arm 55 Plus raw arm strength, long release limits utility; 1.98 pop, accurate arm with average tailing action.

Nottingham boasts an impressive blend of physicality and acumen, with an athletic, strong frame and realized skills that have taken a significant step forward this year. On offense he features a leveraged swing with strong bat-to-ball skills and the raw strength and approach to take balls out of the yard to the opposite field. While there's some swing-and-miss in his game he shows strong contact skills and the ability to bring a good majority of his power into games.

The bat will play, and while it still requires ample projection the raw ingredients of an average-or-better defender behind the plate are present. His athleticism is apparent in his lateral movement, and his receiving has taken a step forward this year. The total package of a bat-first profile with average defensive chops can play to a Role 6 ceiling if it all comes together, and there's plenty here to suggest an above-average backstop when all is said and done.

Derek Fisher

Born: 08/21/1993 (Age: 21)
Bats: Left Throws: Right
Height: 6' 1" Weight: 207
Primary Position: LF
Secondary Position: CF
Athletic frame, high waist, thick quads, strong legs; narrow shoulders with some slope, room to fill out top half.
Evaluator Wilson Karaman
Report Date 08/04/2015
Dates Seen 9 games June-July 2015
Affiliate Lancaster JetHawks (High A, Astros)
MLB ETA Risk Factor OFP Realistic Role Video
2017 Moderate 55 45 Yes

Low key, gives the appearance of gliding through games at times.

Tool Future Grade Report
Hit 45 Upright, square stance, bat rests on shoulder; moderate load with significant hitch, noise to trigger point compromises barrel control; mild leverage, above-average bat speed; moderate balance, inconsistent timing to front side; squares velo, all-fields approach has become more pull-oriented; frequently expands the zone, over-aggressive with runners on, will get caught sitting fastball in hitter's counts.
Power 55 60 raw; increased leverage to pull side in hitter's counts, holds mechanics; mild leverage limits game utility; pull and straight-away power.
Baserunning/Speed 65 4.07 to first; two steps to full speed; efficient cross-over, good reads and quick breaks on stolen base attempts.
Glove 45 Raw reactions off the bat, struggles to judge trajectory; lacks instinct in center, struggles in space near the wall; outstanding closing speed; raw route-running has slowly improved, aggressive charging the ball, conservative on 50/50 balls.
Arm 40 Below-average arm strength and carry, footwork lags in positioning body to throw; moderate accuracy.

Fisher's athleticism stands out on the field, though it doesn't fully translate on the defensive side. He lacks the kind of nose for the ball that a true center fielder needs, and coupled with a below-average arm he will likely be limited to left. He's shown enough improvement in his routes to suggest a competent ceiling in that corner as long as his speed holds up.

There's a lot of interesting raw material in his offensive game. He can be a legitimate weapon on the basepaths, with outstanding speed and quickness, and the instincts to make the tool play. He brings surprising pop into the box but lacks consistency in his execution at present. The first half of his swing has a lot of moving parts. He'll lose his bat control and get out of synch regularly. And while he shows command of the zone around the black he'll frequently expand up and down to take himself out of at-bats.

If the offensive profile comes together and he gets on base enough, there's potential for an above-average regular in left. His speed and power combination should be enough to get him into a Major League lineup for a period of time even if the hit tool never quite gets there.

Miguel Andujar

Born: 03/02/1995 (Age: 20)
Bats: Right Throws: Right
Height: 6' 0" Weight: 175
Primary Position: 3B
Secondary Position:
Strong frame, some physical development has already taken place but has room for more strength; long limbs and high waist.
Evaluator Jeff Moore
Report Date 08/04/2015
Dates Seen 5/11/15, 6/20/15, 7/28/15
Affiliate Tampa Yankees (High A, Yankees)
MLB ETA Risk Factor OFP Realistic Role Video
2018 Moderate 55 45, second-division regular No
Tool Future Grade Report
Hit 40 Free swinger with a big swing; some violence in his swing, doesn't get cheated; long arms can cause swing to get long at times; has a tendency to get pull happy, but can be a dangerous hitter when he stays up the middle and uses the whole field; has the ability to cover the entire plate when he works up the middle; average feel for barrel, will have to formulate a better plan on pitch selection.
Power 60 Plus raw power, creates backspin; strong and long frame generates plus bat speed, ball jumps off bat; easy pull power, gap power to opposite field at present, but developing and improving; should develop home run power to all fields at peak; in-game home run production could be limited by hit tool and pitch selection.
Baserunning/Speed 60 Surprisingly fast runner, 4.15-4.20 home to first from right side despite long swing; average acceleration but plus speed once underway.
Glove 40 Awkward actions at third base; not smooth on ground balls, gets away with below-average footwork thanks to average hands.
Arm 60 Plus arm, plus carry; long arm action, takes some extra time to release throws.

Andujar is tremendously talented but with some major flaws that could keep him from reaching his ceiling. He's a good athlete, already strong and well-developed for his age. He has three legitimate plus tools in raw power, speed and arm strength. He's presently a below-average defender at third base, though he has the athleticism to be an average player there. If not, he could handle a move to right field, which would put more pressure on his bat but not as much as if he would have to move to first base.

The hit tool will determine how the entire package comes together, however. He has the tools to be a good major league hitter, with plenty of bat speed and a developing idea of how to use the whole field. But he currently struggles with identifying some breaking balls and implementing his plan at the plate. His swing can get long and he swings through too many off-speed pitches.

The hit tool may never be better than average, but even that will allow the power to play. If it remains below average, his power production will be affected and thus lower his overall profile.

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