Continunig from yesterday, here's some quick scouting hindsight fun with the NLCS participents, looking at how some of the industry saw players in the nascent stages of their respective careers.

John Axford, P: He should have signed out of high school, as Notre Dame was nothing but walks and injuries. Oh, the Brewers picked him up? Whatever.
Ryan Braun, OF: Well, I'm glad Miami got him off shortstop, but third base isn't going to work either. In the end, it's won't matter as the bat will play anywhere.
Prince Fielder, 1B: The Brewers took the fat kid at seven? Hysterical.
Zack Greinke, P: A really unique kid, a little weird maybe, but as mature an approach to pitching as any minor leaguer you'll see.
Mark Kotsay, OF/1B: One of the best two-way college players in recent memory. Even if he somehow fails to become a star, he'll last a long time on makeup alone.
Nyjer Morgan, OF: One of those guys who was 22 when he signed, and didn't exactly shoot through the system, so now he's 27 in Triple-A and just an organization type.
Rickie Weeks, 2B: Brewers are stuck with him because the Rays took Delmon.
Rafael Furcal, SS: He would have stolen 100 bases in '99 if not for the injury. He'll never hit more than five home runs in a season, but he could win the stolen base crown every year.
Matt Holliday, OF: Man, the Rockies gave him a ton of cash. Maybe should have let him play football, because he kind of looks like another Choo Freeman to me.
Edwin Jackson, P: Look, the kid beat Randy Johnson in his debut and has electric stuff. He sure looks like at ace to me.
Jon Jay, OF: It's tweener skills where he doesn't have enough bat for a corner or enough range to play center. Doesn't matter anyway with Rasmus around.
Jason Motte, C: That kid has a remarkable arm. He just shuts down the running game from behind the plate. Too bad he can't hit a lick.
Albert Pujols, 1B: Some Dominican kid at a JUCO near them . . . I guess he can hit a bit. What? No, we didn't see him.