• Manny Banuelos, LHP, Yankees (Triple-A Scranton/WB): 7 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 2 BB, 6 K. Best start of the year could be one of his last unless we see a September debut to give others some rest.
  • Dellin Betances, RHP, Yankees (Triple-A Scranton/WB): 7 IP, 2 H, 2 R, 4 BB, 8 K. Nice double-header for the Triple-A Yankees, huh?
  • Gary Brown, OF, Giants (High-A San Jose): 4-for-5, 2 2B, 3B, 2 R, K. Hard to imagine a better five-game streak than 17-for-26 with 29 total bases; .338/.407/.518 on the season.
  • Travis D'Arnaud, C, Blue Jays (Double-A New Hampshire): 3-for-6, HR (20), R, 5 RBI, K. Recently announced Eastern League MVP is putting a bow on incredible season; .315/.376/.545 in 110 games.
  • Kyle Drabek, RHP, Blue Jays (Triple-A Las Vegas): 3 IP, 8 H, 9 R, 4 BB, 4 K. Has allowed five or more runs in nine of 14 starts at Triple-A; 7.41 ERA as the wheels seem to have completely come off.
  • Corey Dickerson, OF, Rockies (Low-A Asheville): 1-for-1, HR (31), R, 2 RBI. Now 25 of his 31 home runs have come at home, as the difference in OPS between his home and road numbers now stands at 573 points.
  • Robbie Grossman, OF, Pirates (High-A Bradenton): 3-for-5, 2 2B, 2 R, RBI, 2 K. .410 on-base percentage actually qualifies as a bit of a slump during .300/.425/.462 season that has generated some of the most widely varying scouting reports I've seen.
  • Jake Marisnick, OF, Blue Jays (Low-A Lansing): 2-for-5, HR (14), R, RBI, K. Fourth straight multi-hit game and up to .324/.396/.506 overall; I loved him in yesterday's Ten Pack, so no need to gush.
  • Starling Marte, OF, Pirates (Double-A Altoona): 3-for-5, 2B, 3B, R. 19-for-45 (.422) during 11-game hitting streak and .335/.373/.510 overall in 122 games; all sorts of tools all over the place.
  • Jose Martinez, OF, White Sox (Double-A Birmingham): Hitting .404 in 25 August games and .313/.359/.412 since promotion to Double-A, but power remains lost.
  • Anthony Meo, RHP, Diamondbacks (Rookie-level AZL): 1 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 2 K. Pro debut for second-round pick.
  • Tom Milone, LHP, Nationals (Triple-A Syracuse): 5 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 2 BB, 6 K. 1.72 ERA in five August starts with 35 strikeouts in 31.1 innings; some scouts think he just might be good enough at what he does to survive in the big leagues with well below-average velocity.
  • Brad Peacock, RHP, Nationals (Triple-A Syracuse): 5 IP, 5 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 7 K. Ok, nice double-dip for the Nationals' Triple-A squad, as well.
  • Francisco Peguero, OF, Giants (Double-A Richmond): 3-for-5, HR (5), R, 3 RBI. Hitting .381 in 27 August games and .323/.332/.470 overall; just looking at the first two of three numbers there and you see the issue.
  • Jacob Realmuto, C, Marlins (Low-A Greensboro): 3-for-4, HR (11), R, 2 RBI. Athletic catcher is hitting .311/.357/.534 since All-Star break; going from sleeper to very real prospect.
  • Enny Romero, LHP, Rays (Low-A Bowling Green): 6.2 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 2 BB, 6 K. Has gone five or more scoreless in three of last four starts; 135 strikeouts in 109 innings on the season.
  • Eddie Rosario, OF, Twins (Rookie-level Elizabethton): 2-for-4, HR (21), 2 R, 2 RBI, K. Five home runs in last six games and .332/.394/.672 overall.
  • Wilin Rosario, C, Rockies (Double-A Tulsa): 3-for-5, 2B, 2 HR (21), 3 R, 3 RBI, K. Season line of .254/.285/.468 has to be a disappointment, but he's still extremely rare as a catcher with plus power, arm strength and receiving skills.
  • Miguel Sano, 3B/SS, Twins (Rookie-level Elizabethton): 2-for-4, 2 HR (20), 2 R, 3 RBI, 2 K. 43 of his 76 hits have gone for extra bases as part of .290/.351/.634 line.
  • Neftali Soto, 1B, Reds (Double-A Carolina): 3-for-5, HR (30), 3 R, 2 RBI. Insane second half gets that much crazier; 25 home runs in 243 at-bats and a .650 slugging since the All-Star break.
  • Corey Spangenberg, 2B, Padres (Low-A Fort Wayne): 2-for-4, 2B, RBI, 2 K, 2 SB. After miserable start to Midwest League experience, he's batting .347/.398/.484 in 23 August games.
  • George Springer, OF, Astros (Short-season Tri-City): 2-for-4, 2B, HR (1), 3 R, RBI, BB; 1-for-3, R, 3 SB. Power hitter one game and speedster the next; he has those kind of tools.
  • Oscar Taveras, OF, Cardinals (Low-A Quad Cities): 4-for-6, 2B, R. I'm glad the season is almost over, as I'm running out of ways to say this guy can just flat out hit; .387/.444/.589 in 74 games.
  • Charlie Tilson, OF, Cardinals (Short-season Johnson City): 3-for-4, 2B, RBI. Second-round pick is 7-for-15 in four Appy League games.
  • D'Andre Toney, OF, Royals (Rookie-level AZL): 3-for-4, 3B, HR (5), 3 R, 3 RBI. 14Th-round pick is high-end athlete; .340/.432/.587 in 43 games.
  • Josh Vitters, 3B, Cubs (Double-A Tennessee): 2-for-4, HR (13), 2 R, 2 RBI, K. Does he have enough of these games? Taking away reputation and expectations, does a 22-year-old at Double-A with a .283/.323/.442 line excite you?
  • Tim Wheeler, OF, Rockies (Double-A Tulsa): 2-for-5, HR (33), 2 R, RBI, BB, K, SB. Going on another run; four home runs in last six games and up to .282/.370/.551 overall.
  • Kolten Wong, 2B, Cardinals (Low-A Quad Cities): 2-for-5, 2B, R, RBI, BB. Hitting .415 in last 12 games and .328/.390/.497 in his pro debut that has done nothing but increase his stock in every way as even defense has been better than advertised.
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Francisco Peguero is one of those guys who confounds me to no end. He looked terrible the few times I saw him in A-ball -- had raw speed but that was about it -- nothing else looked remotely projectable. And then he'll go crazy for a month, and then he'll be terrible. I guess this is why I'm not a scout.
Does Francisco Peguero have the tools to be a major league outfielder? Every time I hear him mentioned in an article on any website, it mainly points out his terrible plate discipline. How good are his good tools?
Tools are outstanding, well above-average runner with a bit of pop.
Given the production, if one can call it that, that the Giants have gotten from Aaron Rowand over the last couple of years, and Andres Torres this year, I'd be thrilled to see Peguero play center everyday once the rosters expand. Realistically, how much worse could he be than 233/274/348 or 229/314/343 even if he never took a walk? Even 300/300/400 is a step up, and Peguero is putting up his current numbers in what is supposed to be a pitcher's league.
p.s., holy shit, Neftali Soto.
8/30 Those numbers look a lot like Jeff Francoeur's overall minor league numbers, except less power and Frenchy actually walked a little more.
Has Peacock's walk rate at AAA hurt his stock at all?
Not really, no.
Does Wheeler represent an upgrade for the Rox over Seth Smith and if not, could he be a weak-defense, plus offensive centerfielder?
Yes he could.
What's the ceiling on a guy like Realmuto?
I like him quite a bit, but I have a thing for athletic catchers. Potential every day guy.
Does Jose Martinez have any athleticism left after years of injury?
Not anywhere close to what it was, but he can hit.
Kevin, I meant to ask this yesterday, as they were both featured in the weekly ten-pack, their triple-slash lines are extremely similar and they're both centre fielders whose all-around skills you gushed over. Who do you rank more highly between Brown and Marisnick (I'm guessing Brown, as he's playing one level higher)?
Brown is old for the level and 2.5 years older than Marisnick.
I know you are already pretty heavily down on Vitters, but seeing that he turned 22 three days ago, most people would say that he spent the majority of the season at 21. I'm not saying the guy has completely righted the ship, but its not inconceivable that he makes the majors next year while still 22. Easy to spin either way.
Who do you like most from Hickory's trio of Roman Mendez, Luke Jackson, and Cody Buckel?
Re Vitters: I am a Cubs fan and was really excited when they drafted him 3rd overall, but aside from mmontice's comment above (being 22 for much of next year), what is there to be excited about? He NEVER walks. He doesn't hit homeruns. He can't steal bases. His average is just that. Does he play good defense at 3b? Are his struggles a sign that he can't adjust or an illustration of Cubs' inability to draft and develop talent? They seem light years away from teams like the Braves, Rangers, etc..
It's not a sign of their inability to draft talent. His talent was well known in that particular draft class, and no one was shocked to see him drafted where he was. Maybe it's an inability to develop talent; I don't know. I always think of that saying: "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink." Now, if we knew the Cubs didn't lead him to the water, that'd be one thing. But we don't.
Obviously there aren't many professional at bats to go on and a college hitter in the NYP league should do well, but does Springer crack into the top 100 for next year?
I worked in the NYP league once upon a time and it's mostly college players, so he's playing against his peers (1st year college players) for the most part.
D'Arnaud / Marisnick - wow. Both players have had brilliant 2011 seasons. Drabek - not so much. Kevin, have you heard any scouting reports on what's wrong with him? Is he having mechanical trouble? Steve Blass issues? Does he need to be rebuilt, the way Roy Halladay had to be overhauled in A-ball in 2000?
I read a small report in BA's draft database about Deandre Toney that said he was athletic and produced at juco but he didn't have a carrying tool to merit a selection in the first 20 rounds. Was the comment on him not having a carrying tool (from what you have seen/heard) based on his current tool set or his projection?
Kevin, Can you give us more details on the Robbie Grossman scouting reports?