With the minor league season over and the major league playoffs almost ready to begin, plenty of pre-game work has already begun here for my annual Top 11 Prospects lists. Beginning once the final out of the World Series is recorded, these lists will (as always) be exclusive to Baseball Prospectus subscribers and feature in-depth scouting reports on 330 of the top prospects in the game.

With that in mind, there will be some differences this year, beginning with the publication order. In the past, I've done them in alphabetical order, while flipping American and National Leagues annually. It made sense, but at the same time, if you were a Washington Nationals fan, the best you could hope for was to go 16th, and that was never fair. Therefore, I'm doing them in worst-to-first order this year, just like the draft. So as of right now, the first three teams would be the Pirates, Mariners and either the Orioles or Diamondbacks, but there's still plenty of time for your favorite team to tank and move up in the pecking order.

So other than that, what would you like to see in this year's Top 11 Prospects?