Missing baseball already?  This episode will help at least as much as thumbing through old issues of Baseball Digest.  After a four month break, TTO shakes off none of the rust and talks life, Scoresheet, and everything in between.

We recorded this podcast a week before the World Series, but we saw our shadow when we came out to record, so it took a few weeks to get the episode uploaded.  Feel free to add that to your ever-growing list of complaints.

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Tony Mollica
I'm interested in having SS broadcasts. It is one of the reasons I originally subscribed.
RW Miller
Tried to listen to the Nov 10th podcast, but there is frequent overdubbing of the three hosts speaking to the point that it is impossible to follow the conversations for much of the podcast. Hopefully some post production clean up can save the podcast.
Keep the podcast going please!
David Mairs
I've already mentioned this but the podcast is maybe nice to some but I would prefer something written. Having to listen thru is tedious. But I wouldn't want to be the fun sucker for others interested. At least BP is trying to provide content for SS players. The services provided by Rob is fantastic.
Wow, it was great to find this new podcast episode. It has been a while. Haven't adjusted to the new BP yet so it is not a surprise that i missed something. Hope you are back for 2018. Thanks for all of your previous podcasts. I have enjoyed and looked forward to them.

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