George Bissell, Mike Gianella and Bret Sayre of Baseball Prospectus discuss the importance of avoiding confirmation bias, overreacting to small samples or drawing significant conclusions from early season results (5:00), a trio of players they’ve been targeting in Hunter Strickland (15:00), Jordan Hicks (18:00) and Matt Moore (21:00), and finally banter about several situations they’re monitoring including Kenley Jansen (24:00), Kevin Gausman (31:00), Rhys Hoskins (38:30), Justin Smoak (40:00), Gerrit Cole (42:00), Chris Davis (44:30) and Blake Snell (47:00).

Audio Intro: That Fleeting World, “The Alchemist”

Audio Outro: Silent Partner, “Chances”

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Robert Illes
Interesting that 2 weeks later, Kenley has coughed up another one. Roberts is now starting to say stuff like "I'm concerned".