George Bissell, Mike Gianella and Bret Sayre of Baseball Prospectus host their annual auction strategy podcast. They discuss the importance of establishing bid limits (4:00), being aware of league-specific contextual factors (8:00), focusing exclusively on value and extracting as much as possible (11:30), category scarcity and being prepared to make sacrifices (16:00), how to approach power and starting pitching in the current fantasy landscape (19:00), being flexible and adapting to your environment on the fly (30:00), avoiding narratives and confirmation bias (37:00), knowing when to embrace risk with high-upside talent (43:00), building a roster beyond Opening Day (48:00) and forgetting about positions and focusing solely on talent (53:00).

Finally, they close out the show by breaking down each of their The Great Fantasy Baseball Invitational snake drafts (55:00).

#TGFBI Draft Grids

Bret Sayre, League Eight

Mike Gianella, League Five

George Bissell, League Six

Audio Intro: That Fleeting World, “The Alchemist”

Audio Outro: Silent Partner, “Chances”

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