George Bissell, Mike Gianella and Bret Sayre of Baseball Prospectus banter about the various fantasy implications of the Gerrit Cole (2:00) and Andrew McCutchen (12:00) trades before analyzing the fantasy landscape at first base (17:00). Players discussed in-depth include: Paul Goldschmidt (23:00), Anthony Rizzo (25:00), Freddie Freeman (26:00), Joey Votto (29:00), Jose Abreu (30:30) Nelson Cruz and Edwin Encarnacion (32:00), Wil Myers (34:00), Justin Smoak (35:30), Miguel Cabrera (40:30), Matt Olson (44:30), Ryan Zimmerman (51:00), Yuli Gurriel (52:30), Josh Bell (55:00), Ryan McMahon (56:30), Kendrys Morales (59:00), Lucas Duda (1:01:00), Joe Mauer (1:03:30) and Chris Davis (1:05:00).

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