Newsletter Articles - 11/20/17 Edition

2018 Prospects: Los Angeles Dodgers Top 10 Prospects
How are you going to be a revolutionary if you’re such a traditionalist? You hold onto the past, but jazz is about the future. By , , and 11/20

Flu-Like Symptoms: Taking Stock of Preseason Predictions
Yogi Berra was right. By 11/20

Short Relief: Choices We Make, and Choices Made For Us
The Speculative Farewell By: James Fegan The end of baseball season exposed us to a phenomenon that seems rooted in the concept of “let people smell the roses while they still can,” which I have only been able to term “The Speculative Farewell.” The Wrigley Field faithful gave Jake Arrieta a rousing ovation when he... By , , and 11/20

Breaking Down Baseball’s Biggest Breakouts: AL Edition
Do the respective breakout seasons of Jonathan Schoop and Avisail Garcia have a chance of repeating? By 11/20

Fantasy Categorical Breakdowns: RBIs—The Landscape
Determining the likely RBI kings of a given season is one of the toughest things in fantasy. By 11/20

BP Español: Los Mariners intentan un ritual de sanación pagano
Nunca adivinarás qué gerente general empezó la temporada baja ... By and 11/20