One of the things that unifies baseball fans is poring over boxscores, a
tradition that goes back more than 100 years. In the past decade, that
poring tends to occur less with a newspaper and more online, but the
tradition remains.

I’m on Day 2 of what will be eight days of sharing a single phone line
among three people, with a dialup Internet connection that makes loading
2001’s graphics-heavy, Java-heavy Web pages a nightmare. So when I got up
this morning after a weekend spent mostly in the dark baseball-wise, I got
my hands dirty with the San Gabriel Valley Tribune. It’s not the
best sports page in the world–or even the county–but it does have
expanded boxscores. For someone two days removed from their last baseball
fix, it was like manna from heaven. Well, a good roast beef on rye, anyway.

Scan with me…

  • Without Gary Sheffield and Mark Grudzielanek, the
    Dodgers’ top three hitters were Tom Goodwin, Jeff Reboulet
    and Marquis Grissom. If it gets worse than that, I’m not sure I want
    to see it. Naturally, they won again.

  • After this weekend, I don’t believe people will confuse Geoff
    and Brett Favre in the state of Wisconsin. Fight on, Geoff.

  • Yes, the Mariners are 20-5, but they have an offense built to the
    extreme on high batting averages. I’m in the minority on Ichiro
    –good player, but not a superstar as a corner OF without walks
    or substantial power–but surely no one thinks Mark McLemore or
    Bret Boone or Tom Lampkin will maintain their current high
    averages. When reality sets in, the Mariners will come back to the pack.

  • Free Erubiel Durazo Now!

  • It’s common for the troubles of Jose Lima to be blamed on Enron
    Field, but this is a pitcher who gave up shots and didn’t strike out many
    hitters even when he was good. The change in venues has merely exacerbated
    what would have been a decline from his 1998-99 peak.

    Lima relieved yesterday, so it appears he’s begun the slow decline toward
    irrelevance. I believe the steps are starter, reliever, releasee, Oriole,
    Baseball Tonight analyst.

  • Jeff Weaver, who has one of the bigger career platoon splits of
    any major-league starting pitcher and whose delivery is difficult on
    right-handed hitters, started for the Tigers yesterday against the Devil
    Rays. Despite this, Hal McRae couldn’t find a spot in the lineup for
    Aubrey Huff or Steve Cox, instead playing Vinny
    and Jose Guillen.

    You know who could improve this organization?
    The Rev. Jim Jones.

  • Oh, my god…Alfonso Soriano WALKED! Did any of you see this?
    How did it happen?

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