Happy Sunday, everyone, I hope yours is going great. I’m Dave Pease, and this is Prospectus Idol.

I’ll be honest with you: here at BP, we think this was our best Idol week yet. We’re excited to tell you that we’ve got almost all of your requests filled with respect to the technical aspects of the contest. Let’s take just a minute to run them down, covering the status of last week’s to-do list:

  • Last comment time displayed on landing page: We ended up doing something similar and, hopefully, even better from a reader perspective. Now you’ll see an unread comment count as well as total comment count from the Prospectus Idol landing page. It’s in bold so that you can quickly scan the page and see where the new comments are. We’ve also spread this around the rest of the site. On the front page, you’ll see bolded numbers for the total of new comments, as well as a total comment count, for most things that have comments attached.

  • Previous week results: They’re on the landing page. Look up at the top, where you can see the article navigation features (next/previous article, etc) on our article pages, and you’ll now be able to move back and forth among Prospectus Idol weeks of competition. You can also directly link to any of them just by grabbing the URL-for example, here’s Week One. Ah, it seems so long ago.

  • Announcement of results: They’re still going to be Unfiltered posts, but they’ll also be linked on the Prospectus Idol landing page.

I think that takes care of the most popular requests we’ve had, but please leave anything else you’d like to see addressed in the comments section of this article, and we’ll have a look.

This week, we’re also debuting our first guest judge of Prospectus Idol, the beautiful and talented Marc Normandin. Marc is an expert on the topic of this week’s competition, and we hope you find his comments useful to you in making your voting decisions.

Here are the instructions Christina Kahrl sent to our contestants this week:

Content-wise, your next theme was selected to give you an opportunity to work on something that will let the voting public and the judges draw some more direct contrasts with one another, as we and the audience get a chance to see what you’ll do within a specific form. This week, it’s your opportunity to do a Player Profile. This should have four elements:

  1. Background/History
  2. Performance Analysis
  3. Scouting Information
  4. Projecting the Future

You must select an active major, minor league, amateur, or international ballplayer; no telling us that you think that Jackie Robinson is really going to be something special. As far as length, you can go as long as 2000 words (not counting tables or charts). For a working example, take a look at the team effort on Cliff Lee.

Have a look at how our seven remaining Prospectus Idol contestants tackled this topic by clicking here to visit the Prospectus Idol page.