"We were given exclusive NL rights to the Bay Area when we
bought the team, so I definitely think we have a legal position.
We’re not interested in sharing the world of National League baseball
with a competitor."

Peter Magowan, Giants owner, on suing MLB if the A’s move
to the same division

"We have a better understanding that what we have to do is
get something done. That, to me, is progress in itself."

Bud Selig, acting commissioner

"Everyone agrees what we’re doing is needed, but it’s not easy
to get everyone to agree on how. People are protecting their own

John Harrington, Red Sox CEO

"We have a difficult job in front of us because we have 30
teams, which means we have 30 different histories, 30 different
sets of circumstances, 30 different needs. And it’s very difficult,
probably impossible, to perfectly harmonize all 30 of the different
sets of needs. No plan is perfect."

Stan Kasten, Braves president

"We don’t have much longer. We need a schedule. That’s impacting
everybody right now. Each day that goes by without a decision is
another day we suffer."

Tom Schieffer, Rangers president


"I don’t think anyone knows how to celebrate a wild card. It’s
still pretty new."

David Cone

"They’re a deep team, and that’s what helps get you to the

Terry Francona, Phillies manager, on the Marlins

"Tell you what, man, don’t bet against us."

Barry Bonds

"In spring training, if you had told me that three teams would
be in it, no way I would’ve believed we wouldn’t be one of those
three teams."

Chris Gomez, on the Padres

"I think the ability is there, so why hasn’t it done the job?
I think probably the biggest reason is lack of experience in
pressure situations, like a pennant race."

Sal Bando, Brewers GM, on his team

"This year, for some reason, I’ve struggled with my focus.
Being in a playoff atmosphere is making me turn it up a notch."

Gary Sheffield

"We’ve got guys who’ve been through it before. These are big
games, and that’s when big-game players come through. It can be a
guy like Al Weis or Mark Lemke."

Dusty Baker, Giants manager


"Drew is a player that comes along once every 20 years. Not
even Barry Bonds can be compared to J.D. Drew."

Scott Boras, agent

"When I first got here, sure, I was definitely going to try
the free-agent market. But I don’t think it was too hard to fall
in love with the city of St. Louis."

Mark McGwire

"Take away the 17 home runs that I scored on and I drove in
100 teammates. I’m proud of that."

Tony Gwynn

"I’m a player who performs if appreciated."

Eric Young

"There have been good times and tough times, the wind blowing
in and the wind blowing out, great games and heart-breaking games.
The one constant over the years has been the Chicago Cubs fans and
the way you’ve always treated Ryne Sandberg."

Ryne Sandberg, in his farewell address

"He just popped the ball up, but he’s so damn strong that even
his pop-ups go out of the yard."

Joey Hamilton, on Mark McGwire

"Security is something when you don’t have any confidence and
you want somebody to pay you when you don’t do the job."

Jack McKeon, Reds manager

"He was born to manage. He knows the game inside and out. He’s
patient. He would be great for any team. I think he’s won more games
with that team than I could have won. And that’s not a knock on myself.
I know I can manage a big league club."

Jim Leyland, Marlins manager, on Gene Lamont, Pirates

"Generally speaking, our farm system has not produced since the
days of Canseco, McGwire and Weiss. But I think we’re about to see
it emerge."

Sandy Alderson, A’s GM

"I’ve lost for the last time with Norm [Charlton]."

Lou Piniella, Mariners manager

"I’m not going to go out like Roger Clemens and be questioned for
my integrity and questioned as a man. The Red Sox can’t act as if our
camp didn’t do everything possible to make a deal get done."

Mo Vaughn

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