Returned 3B Troy Glaus, RHPs Ramon Ortiz and Mike Bovee, LHPs Scott Schoenweis
and Jarrod Washburn, OF Norm Hutchins, C Ben Molina, and INF Nelson Castro to
minor-league camp; released OF Patrick Lennon. [3/11]

Glaus had an outstanding camp, and Washburn was simply out of luck after the
Angels decided to tack on Jack McDowell. Pat Lennon catches another bad break,
but the team went out of its way to collect RH-hitting backup outfielders, and
Lennon makes a worse bench player than Damon Mashore.


Announced the retirement of LHP Mark Davis. [3/7]

Traded RHPs Marty Janzen and Todd Erdos to the Yankees for INF Andy Fox. [3/8]

Davis’ retirement should be considered good news, if only because its another
nail in the coffin of the tortured “diluted pitching because of that darned
expansion-new stuff-progress rottenness” thesis. Meanwhile, Buck Showalter
snags another Yankee, in this case to cover the organization’s rash of middle
infield injuries (the less-than-devastating losses of Andy Stankiewicz and Eddy
Diaz). Fox could very well wind up platooning with Tony Batista at second for
the bulk of the season.


Optioned RHP Julio Moreno to Rochester; RHPs Rocky Coppinger and Billy Percibal
to Bowie (AA); 2B Carlos Casimiro to Frederick (A); returned LHP Vince Horsman
and RHP Gabe Molina to minor-league camp. [3/10]

Coppinger’s difficult relationship with the organization continues; he’ll get an
opportunity to show he’s healthy in Bowie, and probably wind up being trade bait
for Jim Sundberg.


RHP Chris Bosio announced his retirement. [3/4]

Signed SS Nomar Garciaparra to a five-year contract through 2002 with club
options for 2003 and 2004. [3/10]

The Garciaparra deal has been justly touted as a sensible investment. The bad
news is that it means that similar, less lucrative deals (Scott Rolen’s two-week
old commitment, for example) wind up becoming sources of irritation for other


Returned RHP Courtney Duncan and C Jose Molina to minor-league camp. [3/6]

Optioned RHPs Steve Rain and Justin Speier, C Pat Cline, INF Jason Maxwell, and
1B Rod McCall to Iowa, RHP Jason Ryan and SS Jose Nieves to W. Tennessee (AA),
and RHP Jose Espinal to Daytona (A); reassigned C Alan Zinter, 1B/3B Tim Unroe
and OF Derrick White to minor-league camp. [3/12]

Optioned RHP Rodney Myers to Iowa. [3/15]

There are no surprises among these early cuts, although it should be noted that
both McCall and Myers had springs filled with recriminations with management:
McCall expected more money, and Myers seemed to believe he was going to be given
a bigger opportunity. Maxwell may be someone to watch, in that he may be the
player called up once the Cubs finally trade Jose Hernandez.


Optioned RHPs Derek Hasselhoff and Bob Howry to Calgary, RHP John Ambrose and 3B
Carlos Lee to Birmingham (AA); reassigned RHP Mike Heathcott, SS Jason Dellaero,
CF McKay Christensen, LF Jeff Liefer, and OF Jerry Whittaker to minor-league
camp. [3/12]

Announced the retirement of RHP Roger McDowell. [3/16]

No surprises so far. Ambrose got a puff piece in the Tribune for his fastball
and his height, while Lee wound up getting an interestingly large slice of
playing time for a guy not yet out of A-ball.


Released RHP Toby Borland. [3/6]

Optioned RHPs Danny Graves and Curt Lyons to Indianapolis; assigned OFs Steve
and Darron Ingram, C Jason LaRue, and LHP David West to their
minor-league camp. [3/9]

Most of these (Gibralter, Lyons, West) are low-risk injury recoveries who’ll get
their opportunity to help the perpetually competitive Indians (of Indy) take
their crack at another title. Toby Borland may be done, or may pitch for some
appropriately desperate team, like the Rangers.


Gave UT Chad Fonville his unconditional release. [3/9]

Optioned LHP Mike Matthews and OFs Scott Morgan and Alex Ramirez to Buffalo;
reassigned RHPs Jason Grimsley, Willie Martinez, and Jamie McAndrew, C Steven
, and INFs Jolbert Cabrera and Torey Lovullo to minor-league camp. [3/10]

Optioned 3B Russell Branyan and RHP Jason Rakers to Akron (AA), and 1B Richie
and LF Bruce Aven to Buffalo; reassigned C Heath Hayes to minor-league
camp. [3/16]

No surprises here, save one: Branyan’s return to Akron, where he may have to
deal with last season’s humorless Aeros manager, Jeff Datz, who apparently
couldn’t stand him last season.


Optioned RHPs Lariel Gonzalez, Mike Saipe, Steve Shoemaker, and Mark Brownson,
LHPs Mike Vavrek and Robbie Beckett, C Dan Chowlowsky, INF Chris Sexton, and OFs
Angel Echevarria, Derrick Gibson, and Edgard Clemente to Colorado Springs;
optioned RHP Scott Randall to New Haven (AA). [3/15]

I’m slightly surprised Mike Vavrek didn’t get a longer look, but so far, the Rox
haven’t surprised anyone with these cuts.


Assigned RHP Marino Santana, Apostol Garcia, Brian Powell, and Willis Roberts,
Cs Javier Cardona and Robert Fick, 1Bs Alejandro Freire and Jesse Ibarra, and
OFs Earl Johnson, Pedro Swann, and OF Gabe Kapler to minor-league camp. [3/10]

Again, a fairly predictable group of cuts, although Gabe Kapler could help this
team more right now than either Bip Roberts or Luis Gonzalez.


Assigned RHPs Aaron Akin, Blaine Mull, Rey Mendoza, Joe Fontenot, and Ryan
, LHP Brent Billingsley, Cs Scott Makarewicz, Mike Redmond and Ryan
, 1B Brian Daubach, and OFs Chris Sheff and Julio Ramirez, 2B Amaury
, and SS Alex Gonzalez to their minor league camp. [3/11]

No surprises.


Assigned RHPs Brian Sikorski and Mike Walter, SS Carlos Guillen, 2B Carlos
, and 1B Daryle Ward to minor-league camp; released LHP Bob MacDonald.

Reassigned C Ramon Castro, OF Rob Butler, and RHPs Scott Elarton, Freddy Garcia,
Mike Grzanich, Bob Milacki and Roger Salkeld to minor-league camp. [3/14]

The surprise came on Saturday: Elarton may be down for the moment, but if Holt’s
recovery lags behind the May 1 schedule we’re hearing about, he ought to get a
crack at the rotation, especially now that Ramon Garcia has gone down (again).


Assigned OFs Carlos Beltran, Ryan Long, and Juan Lebron, Cs Andy Stewart and
Hector Ortiz, INFs Luis Ortiz and Mendy Lopez, RHPs Rod Steph, Ken Ray, Jamie
, and Pat Flury, and LHP Tim Byrdak to their minor league camp. [3/11]

Optioned RHPs Roland De La Maza and Bart Evans to Omaha; OF Mark Quinn, and 2B
Carlos Febles to Wichita (AA); reassigned RHPs Dan Reichert and Brian Barber to
minor-league camp. [3/16]

Bluma’s star certainly faded quickly, now didn’t it?


Assigned RHPs Dan Hubbs, Mike Iglesias, and Eric Weaver, LHPs Jeff Kubenka, Ted
, Onan Masaoka, and Gary Rath, Cs Brad Dandridge, Kyle Cooney and David
, SS Alex Cora, and OF J.P. Roberge to minor-league camp. [3/6]

Optioned Cs Henry Blanco and Angel Pena, 2Bs Adam Riggs and Mike Metcalfe, 3B
Brian Richardson, CF Kevin Gibbs to their minor league camp. [3/11]

Optioned RHPs Mike Judd and Steve Montgomery and LHP Will Brunson to
Albuquerque; voided C Henry Blanco‘s option to Albuquerque due to an injury.

Anyone want to seriously argue that expansion depletes pitching? In the past
week, the Dodgers have demoted a half-dozen guys who could pitch in the majors
right now.


Assigned RHPs Tim VanEgmond, Kyle Peterson, and Mike Misuraca, LHPs Mike
and Horacia Estrada, 3B Mike Kinkade, INF Santiago Perez, and C
Jeff Alfano to their minor league camp. [3/8]

Acquired RHP Ben McDonald from Cleveland for LHP Mark Watson. [3/11]

As you’ve probably already read, the reacquisition of McDonald was a cost-saving
move for the Brewers after the recent surgery that will keep him from pitching
this season enacted a codicil of Bando’s agreement with John Hart. If there’s a
“surprise” in this list, it isn’t who was cut so much as to note who wasn’t:
lefty Valerio De los Santos, who may make the club as a reliever.


Optioned LHPs Chris Cumberland and Dan Serafini, RHP Dan Naulty, and OFs Brian
, Chris Latham and Marc Lewis to Salt Lake City; optioned RHP Dan
, LHP Mark Redman, C A.J. Pierzynski to New Britain (AA); optioned INF
Cleatus Davidson to Fort Myers (A); reassigned RHP Ricky Bones, C Matt LeCroy,
INFs Esteban Beltre and Jeff Ferguson, and OF Keith LeGree to minor-league camp.

The Twins duck at least one of their postseason veteran turkey pick-ups of the
past offseason by cutting Bones loose. If there’s a significant disappointment,
its that Serafini didn’t get a longer look as a starter this camp, but the
rotation was already pretty well locked up: Brad Radke, Bob Tewksbury, Mike
Morgan, LaTroy Hawkins, and either organizational whipping boy Frankie Rodriguez
or Travis “the Love Panther” Miller.


Signed UT Chad Fonville to a minor-league contract; optioned RHP Derek Wallace
and OF Jay Payton to Norfolk; optioned RHPs Octavio Dotel and Arnold Gooch and
OF Scott Hunter to Binghamton (AA). [3/14]

Optioned OF Preston Wilson to Norfolk; reassigned LHPs Jae Weong Seo and Mark
, RHP Mike Fyhrie, 3B Mike Bell, 2B Todd Haney, and OFs Benny Agbayani and
Brent Bowers to minor-league camp. [3/15]

Any day Chad Fonville joins your organization ahs to be considered a bad one.
With at least five bullpen slots already filled, Wallace will have to see if he
can renew some of last year’s faith in him.


Traded INF Andy Fox to the Arizona Diamondbacks for RHPs Marty Janzen and Todd
. [3/8]

Reassigned OFs Donzell McDonald and Chris Singleton to minor-league camp. [3/10]

Released RHP Jim Converse and LHP Joey Eischen; assigned LHP Brian Looney and
RHP Shad Williams to minor-league camp. [3/11]

Reassigned RHP Joe Borowski to minor-league camp; released RHP Doug Linton and
LHP Dave Fleming. [3/14]

I still remember watching Jim Converse blow my kid brother’s team out of the
water for five innings around twelve years ago. He threw hard for junior
varsity, his team sucked, and his coach left him out there to get tired, start
walking people, and get rocked. But he was one of the hardest throwers around
Sacramento at the time, before his career took some bizarre twists through a
small bible school of some sort, and then getting tossed around like a hot
potato. Sometimes and for some people, the past was a better place. Just ask
Dave Fleming.


Assigned LHP Eric DuBose, RHP Chris Enochs, C Danny Ardoin, UT Jason Wood, and
OF Brad Tyler to their minor league camp; signed DH Kevin Mitchell to a minor
league contract. [3/8]

Optioned RHP Jeff D’Amico to Edmonton. [3/11]

Optioned RHPs Bill King and Blake Stein to Edmonton (AAA), and RHP Tom Bennett
and C Ramon Hernandez to Huntsville (AA). [3/12]

Optioned LHP Tim Kubinski to Edmonton. [3/13]

Optioned SS Jorge Velandia to Edmonton, and reassigned OF Mike Neill to
minor-league camp; announced the retirement of 3B Hiromi Matsunaga. [3/15]

Kevin Mitchell? Looks like that drive for an Edmonton three-peat is heady
stuff, but in all seriousness, Pat Lennon would be more helpful, either to the
Trappers or the A’s.


Reassigned RHPs Rob Burger, David Coggin, and Tony Fiore, Cs Chris Tremie and
Adam Millan, 1B Dan Held, 2B Marlon Anderson, and OFs Wendell Magee and Steve
to their minor league camp. [3/9]

Sent LHP Greg Whiteman to minor-league camp. [3/10]

Reassigned RHPs Carlton Loewer, Tony Costa, and Mike Welch to minor-league camp.

No surprises yet, as the Phillies sort through how they’re going to get rid of
Mark Portugal or Mark Leiter or Lenny Dykstra.


Reassigned RHPs Tavo Alvarez, Branson Arroyo, Kane Davis, Elvin Hernandez, Jose
, and Jason Phillips, LHP Terry Burrows, C Julio Vinas, 2B Chad Hermansen,
3B Aramis Ramirez, and OFs Adrian Brown, Emil Brown, Tracy Sanders, and T.J.
to their minor league camp. [3/9]

I’m a wee bit disappointed that Hermansen went down as soon as he did; the
organizational affliction known as T. Womackoccus may be causing trouble for a
bit longer than Bucs fans might hope.


Optioned LHP Armando Almanza, RHPs Rich Croushore, Rick Heiserman, Sean Lowe and
Brady Raggio, SS Luis Ordaz, 2B Placido Polanco, CF Scarborough Green to Memphis
(AAA); 1B Chris Richard and OF Juan Munoz to Arkansas (AA); returned LHP Rick
, RHPs Jose Bautista and Rusty Meacham, Cs Stacy Kleiner, Dave Schmidt and
Reed Secrist, 2B Roberto Mejia and DH Wes Chamberlain to minor-league camp.

As has been pointed out before, the career prospects for Polanco and Ordaz are
looking bleak: they’re stuck between multi-year contracts for Clayton and
DeShields at the top, and hard-charging prospects like Brent Butler coming up
behind. For you lingering Geronimo Penaholics: for your own good, just say no
to Roberto Mejia.


RHP Rob Dibble announced his re-retirement. [3/6]

News? He can look forward to a bit part as a psycho thug on Sentinel, or maybe
a pro wrestling career as a tag-team partner for elder statesman George the
Animal Steele.


Optioned OF Calvin Murray to Fresno, and INF Pedro Felix to Shreveport (AA);
reassigned RHP Rick Huisman to minor league camp. [3/14]


Assigned LHP Damaso Marte and RHP Maximo de la Rosa to Orlando (AA); sent 2B
Jeff Berblinger, OF Rickey Cradle, and RHP Jarod Juelsgaard to minor league
camp. [3/10]

I’ve always liked the name “Juelsgaard”, and hope to see it on a major league
uniform, for no particularly just or good reason.


Returned LHP Bobby Seay, RHPs Matt White, Scott Lewis, Daniel Garibay, and Dave
, OF Jim Buccheri, SS Paul Hoover, and C Dan Donato to minor-league camp;
assigned OF Matias Carrillo and INF Alex Cabrera to Mexico City (ML). [3/6]

No shocking cuts in this group.


Waived RHP Tanyon Sturtze for the purpose of giving him his unconditional
release; added 2B Warren Morris to major league camp as a NRI. [3/6]

Reassigned RHPs Terry Clark, Scott Klingenbeck, Alan Levine, and Mark Small to
minor-league camp. [3/10]

Agreed to terms with RHP Tanyon Strutze on a minor-league contract. [3/11]

Released RHP Scott Klingenbeck from his minor league contract. [3/12]

Traded C Kevin Brown to Toronto for RHP Tim Crabtree. [3/14]

Does the man who thought putting Tanyon Sturtze on the 40-man roster in the
first place get a power wedgie now, or at the New Year’s party? Klingenbeck’s
release shouldn’t surprise: he’s exasperated both the Twins and the Reds, and
there are creeping concerns that he doesn’t take coaching well. How hard up for
relief pitching are the Rangers? They coughed a player who could start for a
half-dozen major league teams for Tim Crabtree?


Assigned RHPs Billy Koch, Mark Sievert, and Shannon Withem, C Luis Rodriguez, SS
Josephang Bernhardt, INF Santiago Henry and 2B Jeff Patzke to minor-league camp.

Optioned 1Bs Kevin Witt and Ryan Jones, and LHP Steve Sinclair to Syracuse; INFs
Ryan Freel and Mike Peeples to Knoxville (AA); assigned CF Scott Bullett, RF
Jose Herrera, and C Rob Mummau to minor-league camp. [3/11]

Traded RHP Tim Crabtree to Texas for C Kevin Brown. [3/14]

Gord Ash doesn’t get many compliments in these parts, but he deserves credit for
cannily snagging Kevin Brown for Tim Crabtree. Brown should be an outstanding
caddy and platoon partner for Darin Fletcher, and bollix on the Belgian brew
money being mailed to Benito Santiago. On the other hand, free Jeff Patzke now!

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